Quest for Glory 1 Skill List

Each skill can be increased to a maximum of 100 in QFG1.


Strength goes up when you practice Weapon Use in combat, or when you work at the stable in the castle courtyard. It's also good to practice with the Weapon Master in the center courtyard and use all attacks, if you're a fighter. The best place to increase strength is at the Goblin Ambush area three screens west of the Centaur's Field. The number of Goblins goes up every time (up to 8), and you will earn a lot of money. Use the money to buy healing and vigor potions from the Healer.


Intelligence rises fastest by practicing Magic, but will also go up fairly quickly by practicing Thief skills such as Pick Locks and Stealth. Work on all other skills first, and keep practicing those same skills for Intelligence, or practice Parry and Dodge (especially for the Fighter) and Intelligence will go up.


Agility goes up as you practice Parry and Dodge, and also goes up a little by practicing other skills. Find a monster and concentrate on maxing out Parry and Dodge (see Parry and Dodge) and this skill should max out fairly easily.


Vitality rises as you lose and regain stamina and health. The best way to raise Vitality quickly is to practice combat skills at the Goblin Ambush area until you are low on stamina. Take a vigor potion and continue killing Goblins. As your stamina drops, Vitality will go up. Sleep in the Magic Meadow every night, and Vitality shouldn't be a problem.


Luck goes up quickest by practicing Magic, but also goes up quickly by practicing Pick Locks, or Parry and Dodge. Work on other skills in the right column, and Luck should rise on its own.


Magic increases whenever you practice your spells. Sleep at Erana's Peace every night and it will completely restore your mana so you can practice it the next day. As you work on your Weapon Use and Strength, fight at the Goblin Ambush area to earn tons of gold. With this you can buy mana potions to practice your spells. A good place to practice your spells is by playing the Mage's Maze with Erasmus, but it's easier just to practice them in the forest.

Magic Spells

In the VGA version, you can practice all your spells at any time in the forest. Just cast them repeatedly and spell skills will go up. If you get bored, play the Mage's Maze with Erasmus, and bring plenty and mana potions. In the EGA version, you can't practice all your spells in the forest. The spells you can practice in the forest are Zap, Fetch, Calm, and Flame Dart. However, it's better to practice Flame Dart in combat. Practice Open, Detect, and Trigger all at the door in the rocks near the waterfall. Practice Dazzle on an enemy, find one and repeatedly cast it until your mana is low, then take a mana potion. You can always practice Trigger, Open, Fetch, and Flame Dart playing the Mage's Maze with Erasmus.

Weapon Use

Weapon Use goes up as you attack in combat. The best place to practice Weapon Use is at the Goblin Ambush area three screens west of the Centaur's field. Fight here and use the money to buy healing and vigor potions. Fight until you are low on stamina, take a vigor potion, and continue fighting. As your Weapon Use goes up, so will other skills, such as Strength and Vitality. Fighters practice with the Weapon Master in the castle courtyard.


Parry goes up by blocking in combat. The best way to raise Parry is to find an enemy in the forest. Get into combat and hold down the button for Parry on the keypad to continuously Parry until your stamina is low. When it is, run away and take a vigor potion, but keep the monster in the same screen. When your stamina is refilled, get into combat again and Parry until you're low on stamina again. This will also raise Agility, Intelligence, and Luck.


Dodge will raise whenever you dodge in combat. Practice Dodge like Parry. Get into combat with an enemy in the forest, and Dodge until you are low on stamina by holding in the button on the keypad for Dodge. Run away and take a vigor potion, then go back into combat with the same monster. This also raises Intelligence, Luck, and Agility.


Stealth is easy to raise by sneaking everywhere you go, up to a certain point. Stealth can be raised by repeatedly alternating between sneak and walk, which is easier because you can stay in one spot, and not have to keep moving between screens. Stealth will also raise Agility.

Pick Locks

Pick Locks can be raised by picking the locks on the shops in Spielburg at night, but a much easier way is by picking your nose. Yup, type "Pick Nose" (EGA) or click the lockpick or toolkit icon on your character (VGA) if your Pick Locks skill is greater than 40. If it is below 40, you will give yourself a cerebral hemorrhage and die. This is a great, quick and easy way to get your skill to 100 in a matter of minutes. You will also be raising your Intelligence, Agility, Vitality, and Luck. You can also practice on the door in the rocks on the screen with the antwerp.


Throwing goes up as you throw rocks or daggers. A great place for the Thief to practice throwing and gain money at the same time is by playing Dag-Nab-It with the Chief Thief in the Thieves' Guild. "Bet" or click the purse icon on the Chief to play. After a few games you'll get used to it, and you can win a lot of money as well as improve your Throwing skill. Keep your highest bets around 45, because when you bet 50, the max, the Chief gets real mad and kicks your butt. To raise Throwing easily and quickly, just pick up a lot of rocks in the forest off the ground, about 150 at a time, set the speed all the way up, and throw them all. The + key increase speed in the EGA version. If you throw daggers, make sure you pick them up again (in the VGA version, go to the inventory and use the pick-up icon).


Climbing increases whenever you attempt to scale something. In the beginning of the game, try to climb the tree in front of the Healer's Hut until you actually climb it. Your skill should be around 30. Some of the places you can practice at are here, over the castle wall, the town gate, the wall in back of the alley in town, the rocks by the waterfall, and the logs at the Brigand Ambush area. I believe climbing the logs only raises your Climbing skill in the VGA version, though. You will need good Climbing skill if you want to climb the wall to the Brigand Fortress at the end of the game.

A couple quick tips/cheats:

  • Antwerp Population Explosion

    You can get rid of that pesky Antwerp bouncing by the path to the Brigand Fortress. Go up to it and start to fight it, and it will bounce really high into the air. Walk off-screen into the forest and it will fall down on you. "Raise Weapon" (EGA) or click the sword or dagger on the falling Antwerp (VGA) as it drops, and you'll have a baby-sitting problem on your hands.

  • Get 1 Point in Four New Skills (EGA version only)

    In the EGA version of the game, you can get 1 point in four new skills. Hit the + key twice on the skill you want to have, and it will be at 6. Now, hit the - key once, and it will be set to 1. This is useful if you want to make a hybrid-character.

  • Earn Gold the Easy Way

    In the VGA version, a bug allow you to get as much gold as you want. Gather a lot of mushrooms from the Fairy Mushroom Ring in the forest and sell them all to the Healer. She will say she doesn't need any more, but will take them and still pay you for them.


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