Quest for Glory II Skill List

Each skill can be increased to a maximum of 200 in QFG2.

You've Got 16 Days

You have 16 days to max out your skills before the caravan to Raseir, so spend your time wisely. If you try, you can max out your character in about 8 or 9 days.


Strength raises when you fight and practice Weapon Use in combat. It also goes up as you practice Throwing. Issur in the Weapon Shop will arm-wrestle you for a bet which increases some strength, but not a lot. Fight monsters in the desert at night to raise Strength along with Weapon Use, and concentrate on other skills such as Parry and Dodge during the day. If you have some free time, fight Uhura many times by using all attacks and Strength will go up. Also concentrate on maxing out Throwing before Strength.


Intelligence goes up quickest by practicing Magic, but can also go up by practicing Parry and Dodge. In QfG2, Intelligence goes up with just about every other skill, so it shouldn't be hard to max out. If you need for it to go up, practice Parry and Dodge in the Guild Hall even if they're already maxed out.


Agility increases by dodging. The Thief can get some Agility by walking the tightrope in front of the Guild Hall. The best thing to do for Agility is just to keep practicing Dodge at the Guild Hall with Uhura. Practice other skills first, since most skills are tied in with Agility anyway.


Vitality goes up as you use stamina and health from practicing your skills. As you fight in the Guild Hall and use stamina, Vitality will go up fairly easily. If you need to raise it, you will have to continue using stamina by practicing your skills. Any skill will work, and it should max out on its own.


Luck will go up as you practice Parry and Dodge, and will also go up practicing Magic and Thief skills. Practice everything else first and Luck will rise faster than the other QFG's. If you're short of Luck after your skills are maxed out, keep practicing Parry and Dodge.


Honor goes up when you give money to the poor or give flowers to Shema or Uhura. There are two beggars; the snake charmer outside the Katta's Tale Inn, and the beggar that appears every so often in the Fountain and Gates Plaza. Give centimes to them many times to raise Honor. A good way to raise Honor quickly is with Julanar, the plant-woman five screens east of the Shapier overlook. Repeatedly "Hug Tree" before you get the compassion fruit and Honor will rise. To raise Honor and Communication at the same time, go to the flower merchant outside the Inn. "Bargain for Flowers" many times (300 is a good number), then go to the Inn and sit down for a meal. When Shema comes, "Give Flowers" and she will stay there and you can give her all your flowers to raise Honor.

Weapon Use

Weapon Use goes up when you attack in combat. Practice fighting with Uhura in the Guild Hall at the beginning of the game, then go out at night to hunt monsters in the desert. As you fight monsters, your Weapon Use will go up, and you will earn a lot of money.


Parry goes up as you block in combat. As you practice Parry, Intelligence, Agility, Vitality, and Luck will go up. Practice with Uhura in the Guild Hall, and press the + key to increase the speed. Don't turn the speed all the way up, because you will get hit often. Hold in one the keys for Parry to repeatedly block until you become tired. When you are out of stamina, rest for one hour at the Inn or take a vigor pill to regain it.


Dodge goes up whenever you dodge in combat. Like Parry, practice it with Uhura in the Guild Hall until you are out of stamina by holding in one of the buttons on the keypad for Dodge. Set the speed up with the + key to save time. Regain stamina by resting for an hour at the Inn. This will also raise Agility, Intelligence, Vitality, and Luck.


Stealth goes up on its own as you sneak around. To max out Stealth, "sneak" at the beginning of the game and sneak everywhere you go. It will gradually go up, and after a few days, it will be at 200.

Pick Locks

Pick Locks goes up when you practice on the doors along the streets of Shapier any time of the day, but a better way to practice Pick Locks is by picking your nose! Just type "Pick Nose" and you will insert a pick lock into your nose and pull it out. This will raise Pick Locks easily, as well as Intelligence and Agility.


Throwing rises as you throw rocks or daggers. It is much easier to throw rocks because you won't have to pick them back up like with your daggers. You can get rocks at the Shapier overlook screen. Get about 500, go to another part of the desert, and continuously throw rocks to raise Throwing along with some other skills. If you do throw daggers, remember to "get daggers" so you don't lose them. You can always buy more from Issur at the Weapon Shop.


Climbing wasn't given much of a place to practice in QG2. However, there is one spot where you can practice Climbing until it is about 70. Go four screens west from the Shapier overlook to the Griffin Nest. You can practice climbing the rocks here, but once your skill gets to about 70, the game says that with your skill you can tell that the rock is too difficult to climb, and it won't let you practice any more. You can also get about 2 points by climbing the magic rope you buy at the magic shop, but you need the rope for the end of the game, so that's not such a great idea. You won't need it much for QG3, and in QG4 it is fairly easy to raise.


Magic will rise as you practice your spells. As you practice Magic, Intelligence will go up as well. Buy plenty of mana pills and practice your spells in the streets of Shapier or water hole in the desert. Make sure you refill your waterskins in the fountain at the Fountain Plaza as you take your pills, so you don't choke.

Magic Spells

You can buy a lot of spells in Keapon Laffin's Magic Shop. Practice most spells by turning the speed all the way up and repeatedly cast them by hitting F3 and enter. For Levitate, set speed all the way up and just keep casting and returning to the ground. Mana pills are a must have when practicing your magic.

Comm. (Communication)

Communication raises when you bargain for things in the Bazaar. You can raise Communication and Honor at the same time fairly easily. "Bargain for Flowers" at the flower merchant outside the Inn for about 300 flowers at a time. This will increase your communication. Give the flowers to Shema when you sit down for a meal in the Inn, and this will raise Honor. Keep doing this until both are maxed out. Flowers aren't that expensive either, but if you need a little extra cash, just go after some Jackalmen.

A couple tips/cheats:

  • Guild By Day, Desert by Night

    To make the most out of your day, practice fighting with Uhura at the Guild Hall during the daytime to raise your skills, but go out to hunt monsters in the desert by night. When you hunt at night, you will get a lot of money. Jackalmen leave lots of Dinars, and Scorpions and Ghouls come out, so you can get scorpion tails and ghoul claws to sell to the Apothecary. At night, you don't need to drink water because it isn't hot like during the day, so take advantage. Try to get back to the Inn before midnight, which isn't hard because the time scale is fairly slow.

  • Sell Scorpion Tails and Ghoul Claws In Bulk

    The Apothecary will only buy scorpion tails and ghoul claws from you about three times each, so make them count. When you sell your tails, make sure you have about 30, and when you sell claws, have about 50. You will get a lot of Dinars for this, but after about three times, the Apothecary won't buy them anymore. Spend a lot of money on Healing and Mana Pills.

  • Changing Money

    When you change your money, the moneychanger keeps a percentage as a changer's fee. If you change your money in smaller amounts, you can recieve more money than if you changed it all at once. Exchanging 9 gold coins at a time is a good amount if you have 150-200 gold coins.

  • Speed Practice

    The + key increases game speed and - decreases it. This is useful when practicing your skills, especially magic. When you need to keep typing something to practice it, hit F3 and enter continuously. It doesn't matter if you hit one key more than the other, it still works. By increasing the speed and hitting F3 and enter, you can practice skills rapidly.

  • The Djinni of the Ring

    Near the end of the game, you are granted three wishes by a Djinni when you are in despair. Don't wish for health, because when you wish for a skill, you get 50 points added onto that skill! So you can get 50 points added onto 2 different skills. The third wish must be for teleportation, or you won't be able to finish the game. Use these wishes to your advantage. You can't practice Pick Locks or Climbing in QG3, and Luck is a hard skill to raise. It's your own decision as to what will benefit your character most, but remember, you can get this for 2 skills, not just 1.

  • Buy the X-Ray Glasses

    You can purchase the X-Ray Glasses in Keapon Laffin's Magic Shop for 15 dinars. Once you have them, "Wear Glasses". The game will look the same, but later on in Raseir, when you go to the harem girl's room and give her your spare suit of clothes, you will be able to see through the veil she changes behind. It's not spectacular, but it's funny.

  • Get Gold the Easy Way

    Keapon Laffin in the magic shop will buy the piece of beard you can get from the Whirling Dervish in the desert for 15 dinars. If you continue typing "Sell Beard" he will continue to buy it and you will get 15 dinars every time! This is a bug that was in the disk version of the game, and it might have been fixed for the anthology, but I'm not sure. This is very helpful for purchasing loads of pills from the apothecary.

  • Importing Tips

    You lose all your money in Raseir, and you only need about 20 dinars to buy water there, so spend all of your money in Shapier before you go. You keep all your pills when you import into QG3, so spend your money on them. Don't buy too many vigor pills, because there are no vigor pills in QG3, so you won't keep them. Buy mostly healing and mana pills, since they will be useful for practicing skills in QG3.


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