Quest for Glory III Tips

Meat Honor Tip -

You can easily regain honor by helping others such as giving as much food as you can to Harami the thief when you meet him in the bazaar at night.

  1. Buy a lot of meat from the meat seller at 1 centime
  2. Give them to Harami The Thief to increase Honor

Drummer Honor Tip -

  1. Give a lot of money to the Drummer in the South End of the Bazaar in Tarna to increae Honor

Pool of Peace Tip -

  1. Drinking from the Pool of Peace restores your Stamina to full
  2. Carry around a couple of waterskins of Pool of Peace water
  3. Now you can practice any skill that depletes Stamina

World Tree Tip -

  1. Entering the top of the World Tree restores your characters Health, Mana, and Stamina.
  2. Now practice any skill and return to the top of the World Tree restore your energies.


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