Quest for Glory IV Tips

Speedy Spellcasting Trick - Helps a character practice non-targetted spells quicker

  1. The Magic Icon is located in the Icon Bar at the top of the screen
  2. A single click of the Magic Icon will reveal the spell selection screen
  3. Double clicking causes you to recast the last spell you performed
  4. Cast a non-targetted spell.
  5. Double click on the Magic Icon to recast the spell

Resistance Trick - Allows a wizard to obtain a 400 Resistance

  1. Cast Summon Staff
  2. Cast Resistance
  3. Put away the staff by walking
  4. Use the Speedy Spellcasting Trick to improve Resistance

Practice Combat Skills

  • Practice Combat Skills with A Vorpal Bunny. Get in a position where you can't be hurt and enter combat with the Vorpal Bunny, and keep walking into him until he gets to the far right of the screen. Block his attack once and he will get stuck there. You can then practice your skills freely.

Reimport Into QfG4!

  • Quest for Glory 4 is the only game that allows you to import your character BACK into the game! A maxed-out character will have all skills at 300, with Strength at 400. Acrobatics will be at 100 or 0, so use the Acrobatics trick shown above.

Use a Fast Computer

  • Playing QFG4 on a pentium or a newer computer without DOSBox or the NewRisingSun patches causes your stamina to refill in seconds in combat. Very useful when practicing skills.

Conquer Error 52

  • Error 52, which you get at the Mad Monk's Tomb in the swamp on a fast computer there is a speed related problem. Fortunately, there are now solutions to get past it. Apply the NewRisingSun patches and/or play the game in DOSBox.


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