Quest for Glory V Tips

by Al Giovetti


  1. General Hints
  2. Fighter Hints
  3. Thief Hints
  4. Mage hints:

General Hints

All the standard rules apply, pick up everything that you can, try everything everywhere, explore everywhere, and combine objects where appropriate. Make sure your character is not carrying too much since this will decay stamina quickly.

You need to rest 8 hours once in every 24 hours or you will start loosing stamina and injure yourself. Stamina pills and vitality potions, purchased from Salim's Apothicary, will help but will not substitute for rest. You need to eat at least one time in every 24 hours. When you are in town, return to the gnome inn and order a prepaid meal from Ann the gnome. When outside of town before you leave buy Marrak's gyros which are the most economical and effective meal.

Skills cannot be acquired except for swimming. Unless you have some points in the skill, you will not be able to increase the skill at all. Use increases the skill and lack of use decreases it. Quest for Glory 5 commits the ultimate sin in a role-playing game, by stealing hard-earned skills from the game player. You must constantly be using your skills or you will loose them. It is very annoying.

The glide spell is gone, for those of you who learned it in the prior game. I've been wondering what really happened to the Glide spell. I spent a fair about of time building my skill in that spell up to 400, and then my Wizard somehow "forget's" it during the trip to Silmaria. If he's -that- forgetful, maybe he shouldn't be a Wizard, after all...

A couple Honour boosting acts are just talking nicely with people, and giving away money and flowers (when you can). Keep giving money to the katta playing the flute in the west marketplace area.

Learn about the ghost hauting the back wall on the upper deck of the Dead Parrott Inn at the FACS (Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School). I was playing paladin, like on day 4 inside the dead parrot inn I saw the ghost i clicked on it and i got Destroy Undead. Dunno if this is the only purpose. Actually, when I clicked on the ghost, I got peace. By clicking on the ghost, you get honor points, (Not certain how many, but you do) and honor points buy you new powers as a Paladin.

The ghost does give you a few honor points, but you only get an additional skill if your new total of honor points makes it happen, otherwise you would just get them from the musician or whomever.

Hints for Fighters

Equip your gear before you leave town. Sell gear that is not as good as the other gear to the armorer. The best weapon in the game is the paladin's sword, which you will get if you import a paladin from previous games. Just go talk to Rakeesh at his platform to the right of the arena and he will give you your paladin sword and several other items and advice.

If you are not so fortunate as to be a paladin which is the character with the most skills, you will have to settle for a thief, fighter or magic user. When starting the game it is a good idea to have lockpicking and the other thief skills in addition to magic so you may want to start as a thief and put your extra points into magic.

Fighting with spells requires you to select the spell by clicking once on it then clicking on the enemy. Three lightning bolts usually kills the enemy. Staying away from the enemy may prevent you from getting hurt. If you have potions for vitality, health and mana, the fight will probably go better. If an item is on your belt, you can select it by using the number keys at the top of the keyboard.

Fighting with weapons requires you to click on your enemy close up, or throw knives. Click once on the knife to select the knife and click on your target to throw it. Thieves can sneak and use the blackjack to incapacitate guards without them knowing you are there.

An all out fight requires that you use the F and G keys or the number pad 1 and 3 keys for the two types of attack. You defend with the number pad 2 or the D key. The use of control may innitiate some of the better moves without weapons. You can practice fighting or spell throwing almost anywhere.

The main problem I had, and you may be having, is that I was using the keyboard. BAD idea...Use the keyboard in battle only to block and use potions on your belt. Just equip a weapon and click away with the mouse on the'll go on the attack. It's a much more efficient way to fight...other than that, I can't really help you much except to say that you should time your attacks right...when you see them haul back for an attack on you, hit the block key and block as often as you can. After their attack is over, counter attack them. Hope that helps!

If you want to increase acrobatics you can kick and punch the air. Shadow-boxing. Practice unarmed combat. Just drop your weapons and then hold down the G key, wherever you are, and wait untill your acrobatics skill gets high enough.

Hints for Thieves:

  1. There is, as far as I know, only one time when you can successfully break into Ferrari's house. You'll know that you'ved reached that time when there's a guard on his balcony (near the windows, of course) as well as in front of his door. As far as I found, if the guard isn't there, don't waste your time getting up there, it'll be useless. Basically, like Rahoul said, in order to get in, you have to be after a specific object, not just pursuing general bloodymindedness (though I admit I really just wanted to get him, any way I could, when he threatened to blackmail me....)
  2. If you want 500 pickpocket skill, try to pick the door of the dead parrott inn, when it is locked. Keep trying to pick it and watch your pickpocket skill.

Hints for Magic Users:

  1. You get the whirlwind spell from Erasmus by going back into his study and asking him about spells.
  2. You get thermonuclear blast from FA after you give him the water from the river to the right of the Pegasus peaks.


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