Conquests Series Easter Eggs

Conquest of Camelot

  • Go to the treasury in the castle and type in "HAM AND JAM AND SPAM A LOT".

Conquests of the Longbow

  • If you open the control panel and hit the Sierra button, the game will give you the credits, then inform you that "no guys from Andromeda" partook in the creation of the game, as a reference to Space Quest.
  • Hidden Bubble, Fly, and Pig
    I know of no way to specifically activate these. They happen, very rarely. Save your game just before doing the actions so that if it doesn't happen you can reload.

    1. The Bubble: Very rarely, if you blow your horn, a large bubble will rise out of it and float to the top of the screen.
    2. The Fly: Go to the Cobbler's section of town and, extremely rarely, a large fly may buzz around in the center of the screen. Looking at it will yield the message "Oh no! There's a bug in the program!"
    3. The Pig: At the end of the game, when you're infiltrating the monastery to save the knight, play until the Will-O'the Wisps have guided you to the tower. Instead of climbing the tower, row the boat one screen left. You will come upon a gate, a monk will spot you, and normally a rock will be thrown down and kill you. Rarely, however, a squealing pig will be thrown down instead (you still die though).


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