Freddy Pharkas Easter Eggs

  • When you see some town-people, talk to them, and sometimes for funny messages, touch them with the hand.
  • Sometimes when you try to talk to nothing, you can hear a doctor say, "And juzt houw long have you had ze problem to talk with an inanimate object?"
  • After you have rescued Serini, you can see an owl, with the description of Cedric (the owl, from KQ5). When you walk there twice, you can see Cedric being eaten by buzzards.
  • At the whorehouse, you can see a sheep. Talk to her and touch her, and you learn that Freddy can talk sheepish very well.
  • When you click the shovel on the loose boards, to the left at the entrance of Freddy's pharmacy, a monster will appear.
  • Sheeps sometime perform at the bar.

Funny Noises

This one can be done in any act, anywhere, just as long as no sounds are going on and no one is talking. By using the Keypad keys (with the NumLock on) you can play goofy noises found in the game. A lot of them are from puzzles in the game:

0 & 9-Fart noises (Horse Puzzle-Act II)

1-Yeehaw (Start Up)

2 & 3-Cowhand revolts (Cowhand puzzle-Act IV)


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