Leisure Suit Larry Easter Eggs

The Larry eggs are no list of programmer birthdays, no proposal to an animator's girlfriend, no chorus line of dancing knights, no loud belches, no egotistic declaration of development superiority. Those have all been done by other programs across the history of computer gaming. No, the Larry eggs are pretty much exactly what you'd expect: nekkid wimmen. Honest! Here's how to trigger them...

Leisure Suit Larry 1

  • Dial Sierra from the payphone outside the convenience store at 209-683-6858.
  • Dial sex line from the payphone outside the convenience store at 555-6969. Enter store and come out, answer the phone.
  • Sit on whoopie cushion in the cabaret when the comedian is performing.

Leisure Suit Larry 2


Leisure Suit Larry 3

  • To enter the Chip and Dale's Club without paying as Patti, type "suck cock" to the doorman.


Leisure Suit Larry 4

  • The whole game's an egg!!

Leisure Suit Larry 5

  • Outside of the Hard Disk Cafe, walk behind the plant on either side of the entrance and use the zipper icon on Larry.
  • When you are at the dentist's office and looking at Chi Chi Rodriguez (the assistant), click the hand cursor on the button of her blouse five or six times in rapid succession.

Leisure Suit Larry 6

  • In Larry's bathroom, sit him on the toilet (using the seat cover from the maid's cart), use the brochure from the health spa on Larry, then use the moisturizing cream from the maid's cart on Larry.
  • Click the zipper icon on the box with the keys in the lobby.
  • Click the zipper on Gammie behind the desk.
  • Go behind the plants in Larrys room and talk to the lower part of the plants.
  • Click the zipper icon on the water fountain.
  • Click the zipper icon on Gary
  • Click the zipper icon on the Food Cart in the food room.
  • After you get Cav's badge, keep clicking on her shirt with the HAND icon. (Not pick up icon) (SAVE First)
  • Click on the record player in the Aerobics room to play some tunes.
  • When inside the pool, click the zipper icon on the water.
  • Click the zipper icon on the beer bottles in the faculty lounge area where the gate is.
  • Keep clicking on Larry using the HAND icon for some good play.
  • After you progress in the game keep going in the bar to see some naked swimmers.
  • Open the door to the left in the bar at your own risk.
  • Stand around in the shower room with your clothes on. Eventually the water spits up.
  • Dial 911 on the phone.
  • Dial "976" then 4 more numbers (any) for phone sex. (976-2424 / 976-5555)

Leisure Suit Larry 7

Leisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail! is no exception in the Easter egg department, except for the fact that virtually the entire art staff was in on the joke, and the eggs are considerably more extensive than you'll find in most other games.

For those of you who'd like to see a little bit "more" of the women in the latest Larry game, here is a list of the game's 7 Easter eggs.

  • At Annette's foyer, "unzip" the plastic bulge on the third statue from the left.
  • Talk to Drew, "push" the branch in front of her.
  • Use orgasmic powder on Drew's gigantic erection drink and try to "drink" it.
  • After the Juggs perform, go backstage and "feel" the mixer. Talk to Drew about Fokker.
  • Before talking to Jamie, walk into ballroom and "dream".
  • "Milk" stuffed beaver in the library and then go into the Juggs dressing room.
  • After she changes into Vicky, look at her computer screen and click on the guy on the left while holding the control key down. Ask Vicky about the weather.

    Extra Bonus Fun

  • Control-P twice takes you to Psychedelic Mode, repeat to turn off.
  • From Horseshoe Competition, use map to goto Das Grande Atruimo and you'll be able to walk to any point on the screen, even the sky!
  • While talking with Peggy, Look at her chest.
  • Functions keys (not F1) play different sound effects.
  • Let Larry stand still for a while to see what he does!
  • Flush the toilet for different effects.
  • Use the toilet paper on Annette.
  • Show dirty picture to different characters. Show to some people again after you put mucilage on them.

Leisure Suit Larry's Casino

  • If you type alshead in the game, and press enter, Al Lowe's head will float around the screen. Clicking him with make him drop chips. You can type alshead several times, for multiple Al's. Keep in mind you can't get rid of him until you leave the game.


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