Laura Bow Easter Eggs

Colonel's Bequest

  • Walk outside the back door and see a flying statue. (Unknown trigger)
  • Use toilet in bathroom.
  • Take a shower (save first).
  • Turn handle on the player piano.
  • Bridle the horse.
  • Try to break downstairs mirror.
  • Try to talk to Celie's chickens.
  • Try to kiss the frogs outside.
  • Look in the mirror.
  • Pet and kiss the dog in Acts 1, 7 and 8.
  • Open the other vaults in the tomb for some fun.
  • Try oiling the helmet of the armor without having the oil can.
  • Spin globe in study.
  • Swing in the swing near playhouse. Save first.
  • Oil the axe of the armor. Save first.
  • Follow Jeeves in Act 2 for fun.
  • Try kissing the men.
  • Try to stand in Fifi's way while she cleans.
  • When you find the doctor's body in the stable, ask about Wilbur.
  • Pet and kiss horse before and after giving the carrot.
  • Try to take or pet Polly.
  • Try talking to the ghost in the graveyard.

The Dagger of Amon Ra

  • Look in the preservation vats, you'll see a unicorn and King Edward! (Vat 14 - Edward, Vat 10 - Unicorn).
  • The other reporter calls Laura, Laura Bains. Bains is the last name of the bad guy in Police Quest.
  • Look at the food in the buffet with your magnifying glass.
  • Look closely at the painting with the skeleton key (before you remove it), but not at the key -- at the king. You will get a message telling you that it is King Graham!!
  • When you look at the skeleton key inside the painting, you will get a message mentioning Pandora's Box.
  • Try to interpret the hieroglyphics in the tunnel when Laura and Steve Dorian are escaping from the murderer.
  • Try to get shovels near furnace in basement.
  • If you look at the phone book on the desk at Dr. Carrington's office, you will see a phone number belongs to R. Williams.
  • In the mummy storage room, open the mummy case just east of the elevator. Look at the mummy. His name is Itinkisawaputtytat IV. That is what Tweety Bird says when he sees Sylvester the Cat in Looney Toons!
  • Look at the stars through the glass ceiling of Dr. Carrington's office. You may notice some interesting stars, one of King Cetus from Eco Quest 1. Unfortunately, this only works in the floppy diskette version of the game.


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