Police Quest Easter Eggs

Police Quest 1

  • AGI Version
    • Type "remove clothes". Sonny will remove his clothes! Be sure to save first.
    • In the newspaper at the briefing room, check out the story about the three headed dragon in Daventry (KQ3).
    • Sometimes when you pull over the stolen vehicle, you arrive in front of Lefty's (the bar from LSL1).

Police Quest 2

  • At the top of the escalator in the airport is Larry Laffer (Leisure Suit Larry). Walk up to him, type "talk to Larry" and hear Larry's theme plus a conversation.

Police Quest 4

  • When you try to use the computer in Luella Parker's office (on the office screen, not the desk screen), the game responds that you don't have time to play Space Quest 5: The Final Frontier.
  • Play one of the games at the Short Stop. On the high score screen, three names can easily be recognized: Larry Laffer (from Leisure Suit Larry, Sonny Bonds (from Police Quests 1-3 and Daryl F. Gates (the game designer).


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