Phantasmagoria Easter Eggs

Phantasmagoria 1

  • Go to the nursery. Click five or six times in rapid succession on the child's picture.
  • Click the chair next to the toilet seven times, and then click on the toilet. Make sure Adrienne has NOT gone to the bathroom that chapter.
  • Look at the portrait above the fireplace in the dining room. Now look at the mirror to see the reflection of the room. The portrait has changed!
  • Look at the girls in the posters at Bob Thompkins's office. Don't they look like the girls from Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry 6 game?
  • Look at the books on the shelf at Lou-Anne's antique store.
  • Open the Malcolm Wyrmshadow's mailbox and look at the letter. It's from R. Williams.

Phantasmagoria 2

  • Log in as TrevorB, use password BELLYBUTTON.
  • Log in as Therese or Jocilyn, password xxx, nudity code-adrienne.


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