Game Add-Ons

Aces of the Deep

ZIP Aces of the Deep Expansion Disk (acesdeep-add) (ZIP file) [1.32 MB]

Aces of the Deep Expansion Disk. New missions and added features.


ZIP Birthright Character Editor Tool (BRCHARED) (ZIP file) [1.65 MB]

Birthright Character Editor is a "trainer", a third-party program that is designed to alter memory locations of running programs (games). In order for a trainer to work, it must be running simultaneously with the game it was written for. It is best to first start the game and actually begin playing, then switch back to Windows (usinzg Alt+Tab) and run the trainer. Select the desired options and switch back to the game. Do not CLOSE the trainer until you are finished playing the game. Since trainers are written to alter SPECIFIC memory locations, they usually only work with specific versions of the game. This is the most common problem when trainers seem to be "not working".

Breach 2

ZIP Breach 2 Add-on Pack (breach2-add) (ZIP file) [3.04 KB]

These Add-ons include:

  • Advanced Tactical Training School
  • Campaign Disk 1
  • Federation Collection #1 - the Azarius Incident
  • Federation Collection #2 - Azarius under Fire
  • Federation Collection #3 - Testimony of Courage
  • Federation Collection #4 - Death Before Dishonor
  • Federation Collection #5 - Winds of Steel
  • Federation Collection #6 - Cry of War

Caesar III

ZIP File Assignment Editor (CAESARIIIMAPEDIT) (ZIP file) [11 MB]

Use the free Caesar III Assignment editor to create your own adventures (released 11/16/98).



ZIP Earthsiege Expansion Pack (ZIP file) [3.31 MB]

This is the expansion pack for Metaltech: Earthsiege.



ZIP Pharaoh Enhancement Pack (si_pharaohenhancementpack_en) (ZIP file) [3.01 MB]

This is the English Windows 95/98 add-on to Pharaoh; it upgrades the version to 1.1 . Please reference the ReadmeV1-1.txt for any new additions.

subLOGIC Scenery Add-ons (Flight Assignment: ATP)

ZIP subLOGIC Flight Assignment: ATP scenery Addon (ZIP file) [3.06 MB]

Note: There are a number of scenery disks from subLOGIC and Mallard that include SD-1, SD-2, SD-3, SD-4, SD-5, SD-6, SD-7, SD-9, SD-11, SD-12, SD-HAW, GB-1, GB-2, GB-3, MS-1 (Hawaii), MS-2 (Tahiti), and MS-4 (Japan). These scenario files can be used in
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2.12,
3.0, and
4.0, as well as subLOGIC's
Flight Assignment: ATP, and
Thunder Chopper.

ZIP Flight Assignment: ATP Utilities (ATPUTIL5) (ZIP file) [528 KB]

No discription available.

Ultimate Soccer Manager 98-99

ZIP (ZIP file) [146 KB]

No description available.


Zeus: Master of Olympus

ZIP Zeus: Master of Olympus 1.1 Update (si_zeus_enhancepack_en_1_1) (ZIP file) [11.8 MB]

This update will install the Adventure Editor & New Odyssey Adventure. For US version.

ZIP Zeus: Master of Olympus Adventure Editor (ZIP file) [11.2 MB]

The Zeus: Master of Olympus Adventure Editor allows users to create entire adventures, including maps, alerts, introductory and victory text, as well as custom audio narrations. In addition, this file also contains "The Odyssey," a new adventure filled with quests meant to ease Odysseus' return to Ithaca.


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