KQ Collection Manual Corrections
King's Quest III: Page Numbers & Spells

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Game Manaul Information:
During the course of the game, you will need to prepare a variety of spells using the information printed verbatim in your game manual. The spells (including page numbers in Roman Numerals) are copyright protected by Sierra, so they cannot be given out publically. Sierra/Vivendi Universal no longer provides King's Quest game manuals.

Missing Page Numbers:
The game manual for King's Quest III in Sierra's 15th Anniversary KQ Collector's Edition (with KQ games 1-6) have the spells but no page numbers. If you have this collection, contact Sierra's customer service, explain the situation to them, and you should be able to get the page numbers without needing to get a new manual.

Spell Corrections:
In many of the collection game manuals, some of the spells have errors in them, so even if you follow the directions exactly, you may not be successful in preparing the spell.

In the "Transforming Another into a Cat" spell, step 6 may incorrectly say, "Mold dough into a cookie." It should be "Shape dough into a cookie" or "Pat dough into a cookie."

In the "Teleportation at Random" spell, the last two verse lines of may incorrectly say, "Take me now from this place thither, To another place far hither." It should be "Take me now from this place hither, To another place far thither." The words "hither" and "thither" were mistakenly switched.

In the "Becoming Invisible" Spell, step 2 may incorrectly say, "Measure a spoon of cactus juice." It should be "Squeeze cactus juice on a spoon."


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