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This is the soundtrack from the Gabriel Knight Mysteries Collection by Robert Holmes as found on the extra mixed mode CD that came with the collection. This "Enhanced" CD also included digital versions of The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery Players Manual, the Gabriel Knight: Sins of The Fathers Graphic Novel and an image of the Gabriel Knight Design Team, all accessable via an old Macromedia Director program. This program has issues on modern systems, but may start if set to run in compatibility mode for Windows 98. Note that the CD track player does not work on modern Windows.


The Beast Within


Sins of the Fathers


Blood of the Sacred


All songs composed by Robert Holmes except #23 (Comp. Robert Holmes/Arr.David Henry) and #24 (Comp. Robert Holmes/Arr. David Henry). Tracks #21 and #22 digitally recorded and re-mastered from the original MT-32 sequence.

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From the TXT file in the base directory:

Gabriel Knight Mysteries LTD. Edition
Soundtrack Enhanced CD with Docs

Sierra On-Line


CD Track 1 is a data track and may be playable on some CD players.
Please skip this track to get to the music.

Here is a ZIP file with the contents of the data track:

ZIP File - Gabriel Knight Mysteries Enhanced CD Data Track (ZIP File) [14.4 MB] - Track one of the Enhanced CD. Includes the Xtra folder that is embeded in the Macromedia Director Projector file. The name of the ZIP is the same as the CD's label, "GKMYSTERIES".

ZIP File - Gabriel Knight Mysteries Box Art (ZIP File) [576 KB] - High Resolution scans of the front and back of the CD box and the CD lable.

The first twenty tracks are from The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery. Tracks 21 and 22 are from Gabriel Knight: Sins of The Fathers and tracks 23 and 24 are from Blood of The Sacred, Blood of The Damned - Gabriel Knight 3.


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