Special Instructions for Floppy DOSBox Installers

Since most modern PCs do not have a floppy drive, the DOSBox installers for floppy games are designed to work by using the game files copied to the harddrive. Because some files are named the same, the files from multiple disk games often need to be kept separate to avoid overwriting each other.

To install these games:

  1. Create a temporary folder on the hard drive.
  2. Inside this folder, create a numbered folder for each disk, i.e. "1" for disk 1, "2" for disk 2, etc. one for each disk.
  3. Copy the contents (files and folders) of each disk into its appropriately numbered folder,
  4. Download the DOSBox installer for the game into the same temporary folder.
  5. Run the installer from this same folder.*

    * IMPORTANT: Many of the later floppy games had the audio files compressed. The original installers included a decompressor to unpack these files. Though the new DOSBox installers use the same decompressor, it will not work natively on 64 bit Windows, so the new installers make use of DOSBox to unpack the audio files. BEFORE INSTALLING, BE SURE THAT YOU HAVE DOSBOX INSTALLED. If you do not have it installed, allow the installer to download and install it for you.


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