A-10 Tank Killer Series Updates

A-10 Tank Killer

ZIP File A-10 Tank Killer Config (ZIP file) [6.42 KB]

The CONFIG.EXE contained in this ZIP file will allow you to override the SmartStart installation and manually choose the options for your system. This is not a guaranteed fix, but it has been very successful.

ZIP File A-10 Tank Killer Update 1 (a10patch) (ZIP file) [54.4 KB]

This patch contains a new joystick driver which corrects joystick problems, primarily those associated with using a faster computer (386/33 or better) with a game card that does not offer speed calibration. It also corrects problems seen when using certain mouse drivers.

ZIP File A-10 Tank Killer Update 2 (a10click) (ZIP file) [1.95 KB]

This patch will resolve the clicking sound that is heard on some systems when playing A-10 Tank Killer.

Silent Thunder

ZIP File Silent Thunder Update (st101) (ZIP file) [326 KB]

Adds joystick calibration feature, enhances DirectSound capabilities, allows weapons to be fired even without a weapons lock. Works only with US version of game.


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