Aces Series Updates

Aces of the Deep

ZIP File Aces of the Deep Update (aod11) (ZIP file) [229 KB]

This patch upgrades the floppy version of Aces of the Deep from 1.0 to 1.1. This patch fixes:

  • Random lockups especially when music is playing.
  • Player sub sometimes teleported to new location after running aground.
  • "-" key doesn't always work to decompress time.
  • After surfacing electric engines may sometimes still be running
  • Sub would not maintain depth and kept surfacing

ZIP File Aces of the Deep Update (aod12) (ZIP file) [843 KB]

This patch fixes disappearing torpedos, lockups when sending contact reports, random crashes, and that weird teleporting submarine problem.

Aces over Europe

ZIP File Aces over Europe Update (aoepat) (ZIP file) [92.6 KB]

This patch fixes lockups and errors on some Packard Bell and Acer systems. It also includes new joystick drivers which should help joystick control on faster systems.

Aces of the Pacific

ZIP File Aces of the Pacific Update (acepatch) (ZIP file) [616 KB]

This is for the non-Collection Version only. Enhancements include in this patch are refinements of aircraft performance, graphics, sound, radio messages, scoring, weapons performance, and other features. This patch also updates the game to version 1.2 and will convert either version 1.0 or 1.01 (or previously patched versions).


ZIP File WWII1946 Update (1946ptch) (ZIP file) [194 KB]

This patch corrects several issues that were discovered in 1946.
Below is a brief outline of the issues that were addressed:

Single Missions:

Tapes will now be saved correctly in training missions.


Pilots stationed on Kokubu airbase no longer fly missions from the middle of the ocean.

USAAF pilots no longer get assigned to attack American

USAAF pilots no longer drop out of autopilot with "friendlies encountered" messages during escort bombers missions.

The program no longer displays a Shell System Error when the player squadron is given a new aircraft type.


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