Conquests Series Updates

Conquests of Camelot Update

ZIP File Conquest of Camelot Save games (CamelotSG) (ZIP file) [149 KB]

Use this save game to get around the rare "Out of heap" error.

Conquests of the Longbow Update

ZIP File Conquest of the Longbow (LBPAT) (ZIP file) [14.3 KB]

Version 1.0 only. This patch disk will resolve the following issues that you may encounter while playing Longbow:

  1. Fixes the "1535.TEX not found" error message that occurs if Robin orders a drink in the pub.
  2. Corrects a looping problem that will sometimes occur when Robin talks to the Green Man.
  3. Some game players will not be given time to hide from the Sheriff's men in the forest the second time.

ZIP File Conquests of the Longbow (LONGBOW_NRS) (ZIP file) [4.26 KB]

This non-Sierra update is one of NewRisingSun's script level timer bugs patches. Fixes some animations (i.e. Robin's head) NOTE: Previous saved games will work only if they were saved in an area whose script code is not affected by the patch.


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