Zeus Series Updates

Zeus: Master of Olympus

ZIP File Zeus (ZEUSEP11) (ZIP file) [11.2 MB]

Zeus Enhancement Pack

ZIP File Zeus (ZEUSEP11UK) (ZIP file) [11.79MB]

Zeus Enhancement Pack UK.

ZIP File Zeus (ZEUSEP11ES) (ZIP file) [10.94MB]

Zeus Enhancement Pack Spanish.

ZIP File Zeus (ZEUSEP11FR) (ZIP file) [11.97MB]

Zeus Enhancement Pack French.

ZIP File Zeus (ZEUSEP11IT) (ZIP file) [11.79MB]

Zeus Enhancement Pack Italian.

ZIP File Zeus (ZEUSEP11PL) (ZIP file) [11.95MB]

Zeus Enhancement Pack Polish.

ZIP File Zeus (ZEUS102JP) (ZIP file) [275KB]

Zeus Enhancement Pack Japanese.

Poseidon Zeus Official Expansion

ZIP File Rich Man's Blues Mission (si_zeus_richmansblues) (ZIP file) [630 KB]

Rich Man's Blues is a new mission for owners of Poseidon: Official Zeus Expansion available by download only.

This add-on mission requires Poseidon: Official Zeus Expansion to run, and an additional 2 MB of free hard drive space. The adventure may be played by running Poseidon and selecting Rich Man's Blues from the Custom Adventures option.

ZIP File Zeus Official Expansion Poseidon: 2.1 Update (ZIP file) [350 KB]

The Poseidon 2.1 Patch makes the following updates to Zeus Official Expansion Poseidon:

  • Greek Custom Adventures no longer show up as Atlantean Custom Adventures.
  • Pyramids will no longer become corrupt after delete/undo.
  • The game no longer pauses when deleting certain structures.
  • Resource gatherers are better able to find the closest available resources.
  • Hera is quicker to rebuff Zeus when he invades.
  • Pyramids destroyed by disasters may be rebuilt.
  • Setting a 'Slay' goal in the editor no longer causes an exit to desktop.
  • 'Doubled' fishing points have been fixed.
  • Dionysus prevents unrest properly.
  • An uncommon situation where Armies get stuck on the world level has been fixed.
  • Disasters do not permanently kill heroes.
  • Heroes no longer get stuck on Hippodrome Crosswalks.
  • Custom Adventures no longer slip into 'Open Play' mode, adventure creators do not need to include the .set file when exchanging adventures.
  • On-loan troops no longer get stuck on the edge of the screen when attempting to return home.


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