HexEdit v1.03

"HexEdit is a free hex editor that I wrote, mostly because I didn't know of any decent free hex editors. I'm not expecting any payment, but if you like the program, you are welcome to donate whatever you think that it's worth... Please note that HexEdit has no warranty whatsoever. Support is not guaranteed, but feel free to email me. (If you are a company or need guarantees for some reason, support can be purchased; email me for more details)"

Feel free to email [email protected] for more information. Before you do, however, check out the HexEdit FAQ.

ZIP HexEdit v1.03 (ZIP File) [49.6 KB]


  • Hex, octal, and ASCII displays.
  • Find strings in hex, octal, and ASCII.
  • Command line usage (hexedit filename), for all you command line freaks like me, or a GUI Open.
  • Edit in hex, octal, or ASCII. Up to 1024 characters can be inserted, and any amount can be cut or deleted. (Be careful when doing this to executable files, as they may not work if you do this [but I'm not stopping you if you want to try...]).
  • Configurable font face and size. (Stored in HKCU\Software\HexEdit)
  • All colors are configurable and are stored in HKCU\Software\HexEdit)
  • Copy and paste. Hex strings (e.g. "01 ff 4d") can be pasted into the hex window when hex viewing is on and HexEdit will automatically convert the string. Similarly, cutting from the hex window cuts the hex output. When the hex window is in octal mode, everthing is in octal. The ascii window always cuts and pastes in ascii.
    • A note about clipboard usage: HexEdit uses the CB_TEXT type, so that you can cut and paste into other text editors. However, Windows uses '\0' to mark the end of the string, so trying to paste strings with nulls ('\0's) in them generally won't work. If you paste "00" into the hex window or "000" into the octal window, however, it will work.


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