Roland MT-32 Emulator

This driver is dated. Please see the Munt project for a more up-to-date version.

You will need a relatively fast computer for this to work (particularly in the case of the DOSBox release). For example, this runs fine on either my Celeron 1333Mhz laptop and my Athlon 1400Mhz PC. Your mileage may vary. THIS IS PROVIDED AS IS. THERE IS NO WARRANTEE ON THE ASSOCIATED SOFTWARE. USE AT OWN RISK!

ZIP File Roland MT-32 Emulator Windows Driver

Driver Install Instructions:
The driver included on this page is for Windows 98/2000/XP only. I'm not releasing the source yet because its a mess. I've done some pretty heavy testing of my driver and it seems pretty stable, but please let me know in the listed forums if you have any problems. To install the driver, use the Add Hardware Wizard in the Control Panel and add it manually. Select Sound, Video and Game controls and then manually point Windows in the directory where you extracted the zip file. Windows 2000 produces an error saying that it doesn't match your hardware, just ignore this message and point it straight at the oemsetup.inf file. Setup should continue. Windows will suggest a reboot but this isn't necessary.

Note: Vista users may need to also download Putzlowitsch's Vista MIDI Mapper Control Panel to change to this driver.


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