The Disney SoundSource / InterSoundMDO / SpeechThing / other parallel-port DAC emulator (for games such as Ween, Star Control II, Another World) has features that allow it to take advantage of the SPEEDSET utility. It is included with VDMS 2.10b

To use EMUPPDAC with LaunchPad simply go to "Properties", "Advanced", "Troubleshooting". Tick the "Custom configuration" check-box, and past the following text in the "Custom configuration" text area:

[ParallelPort DAC Controller]
Path    = EmuPPDAC.dll

[ParallelPort DAC Controller.depends]
VDMSrv  = VDMServicesProvider
WaveOut = ParallelPort DAC Wave Player

[ParallelPort DAC Controller.config]
port       = 0x3bc ; usually 0x278, 0x378 or 0x3bc
sampleRate = 44100 ; sample rate at which to output
                   ; sound, 44100 = max (highest
                   ; quality but highest CPU% too),
                   ; 8000 = min

[ParallelPort DAC Wave Player]
CLSID   = DSoundDevice.WaveOut  ; you can also use
                                ; 'WaveDevice.WaveOut'
Path    = DSoundDevice.dll      ; you can also use
                                ; 'WaveDevice.dll'

[ParallelPort DAC Wave Player.config]
device  = -1    ; -1 = the Wave/DirectSound mapper,
                ; 0 = first device, 1 = second, etc.
buffer  = 75    ; how many milliseconds of audio
                ; data to buffer

To use EMUPPDAC without LaunchPad (i.e. via "plain" "Run with VDMS"), edit VDMS.INI (in your VDMS folder) and paste the above code at the end of the file, then save. Note: The above may already be in your VDMS.INI file and is just commented out. Also it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that VDMSound be in a directory that has no spaces or "special" characters if you use EmuPPDAC.

  1. Using SPEEDSET + EMUPPDAC with Star Control II - Create a STARCON2.BAT file that contains the following line:
    Now "Run with VDMS" the STARCON2.BAT file.
  2. Using SPEEDSET + EMUPPDAC with Another World - Use the game's CONFIG.EXE program to configure sound as follows:
    Disney Sound Source card at 10 kHz ( fast machine )
    Create an ANOTHER.BAT file that contains the following line:
    Now "Run with VDMS" the ANOTHER.BAT file.
    IMPORTANT: Configure ANOTHER.BAT's LaunchPad Properties as follows: disable EMS (under "Advanced", "Compatibility"), do not load HIMEM.SYS and do not allow DOS to use UMBs (under "Advanced", "DOS Environment"). Failure to do so will result in no sound (memory issues).
  3. Using SPEEDSET + EMUPPDAC with Ween the Prophecy - Create a WEEN.BAT file that contains the following line:
    SPEEDSET -60 LOADER.EXE vga mouse lg_gb
    Now "Run with VDMS" the WEEN.BAT file. Press F4 to enter Sound Setup, then press F6 to select InterSound MDO. Press Enter to start the game.

Please make sure that you have version of EmuPPDAC.DLL installed (go to the VDMSound directory, right-click on EmuPPDAC.dll, go to "Properties", "Version", "File version"). Previous versions ( and less) produce unintelligible sound. Download version from here, and unzip in the VDMSound directory.


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