VDMSound for Win9x **ALPHA**

Condensed from a thread on VOGONS http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?t=900

All the Win9x users out there that find that their sound cards don't have any DOS support can at last use VDMSound. Chris Chua took on the Herculean task of writing a VXD driver for 9x, a lot of work, with almost no volunteers to assist him either (since Win9x is basically a dead OS, which doesn't inspire many people to write for it.)

The functionality is the same as XP. All emulation DLL's are the same (except rebuilt as ANSI as opposed to UNICODE for Win9x). The only "different DLL" is VDDLoader. At present, there is no GUI. The VDMS LaunchPad is only for the NT version of VDMSound. It will not work in Win9x.


ZIP VDMSoundWin9x(Alpha).zip (from the Sierra Help Pages)


From the original thread on VOGANS:

To install:

  1. Very important - first install VCREDIST.EXE (or VCREDIST.EXE from the Sierra Help Pages) and reboot.
  2. Unzip VDMSoundWin9xAlpha.zip in what will end up being the VDMSound directory (e.g. C:\VDMSOUND), then run INSTALL.BAT (registration of "VDMConfig.dll" should succeed, if not repeat step 1 above, reboot and try INSTALL.BAT again).
  3. Edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT as indicated during INSTALL.BAT (to make the VDMSPATH environment variable point to the installation folder) and restart Windows.

To use:

  1. Go to the VDMSound installation directory (e.g. "cd C:\VDMSOUND").
  2. Run DOSDRV.BAT ; ignore the error about the "Tip of the day". Do report any *other* errors.
  3. Change directory to where the game is and run the game/application. VDMSound settings are port 220, IRQ 7, DMA 1. All virtualized, so it doesn't matter what values your soundcard actually has physically, *always* use the values above.

Any bug reports/errors would be appreciated.

All the credit goes to Chris for this one, my input to this was minimal (the adaptations to VDMSound were trivial, the bulk of the work was the VxD). - vladr


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