is a DOS based, open source mouse driver, which supports many protocols of serial and PS/2 mice. It can search for a serial mouse at all COM ports or only at a specified port.

ZIP CuteMouse 1.9

An important CuteMouse feature is its small memory footprint: the resident part (TSR) occupies less than 3.5K. CuteMouse can also install itself in upper memory, when available, without requiring external utilities such as the DOS 'lh' (loadhigh) command.

CuteMouse has two development branches now. V1.9 branch uses BIOS to handle PS/2 mice. V2.0 branch uses direct hardware access for PS/2 mice, and supports the wheel. Wheel programming info is included in the v2.0 packages.

The 2.0 branch currently has alpha status, so the archive is only an update to the latest 1.9 version and should be unpacked over it to get the full development environment. For regular work, only CTMOUSE.EXE from archive with version 2.0 is required.


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