By Vlad R. & Peter

Some games or applications that require high-resolution VESA video modes will experience problems with the mouse cursor under Windows NT4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Mouse cursor will be confined to upper left-hand part of the screen. This is caused by the fact that Windows' mouse emulation (int 33h, functions 3, 5 and 6) will only recognize horizontal coordinates between 0 and 639, and vertical coordinates between 0 and 199.

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Some games support alternate mouse modes that use relative movement instead of absolute coordinates, thus getting around this limitation. Read your game or application's documentation and/or configuration file to see if alternate mouse modes support is available.

Use the attached program to run the game or application. It will stretch the coordinate box to fit the user's requirements.

Use an emulator or virtualizer such as Microsoft Virtual PC, VMWare, or Bochs to emulate a virtual computer. Then run the game under the operating system that it was designed for. This will remove the limitations imposed on the program by the Host Operating System and allow the game to operate as it should under the guest. (Assuming of course that the emulator includes features such as VESA & mouse support.)

Previous program in this thread was created by Vlad R. and only worked for Real Mode games. A new version was created by Peter, initially for XCOM: Apocalypse. Since XCOM is a DPMI game, this new version of MOUSESET, now called Mouse2KV, will also work for other protected-mode games with this mouse problem!

Magic Carpet 2: The Netherworlds
Mechwarrior 2
Mechwarrior 2 Mercenaries
SimCity 2000
System Shock (with Mok's updated EXE)
Wing Commander 3
XCOM: Apocalypse (with Mok's updated EXE)

If you experience this behavior in any game not listed here please post so on the forums.

Thanks to Vlad R. for the original MOUSESET, and Peter for the new program!


XRES : the horizontal resolution the program will be running in (e.g. 640 for 640x480)
YRES : the vertical resolution the program will be running in (e.g. 480 for 640x480)
XMULTI : Speed multiplier for horizontal movement (8 is good for 640x480)
YMULTI : Speed multiplier for vertical movement (8 is good for 640x480)
PROGRAM.EXE : The program to run.

Be sure to run any other TSRs (such as NOLFB.COM or DOSDRV) before you run MOUSE2KV.

Last updated - 2003-01-17 --cs (title, symptom and grammar edit)
2003-02-06 Cs (added information on how to run)

- DosFreak


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