Betrayal in Antara Walkthrough

You can follow the sidequest in any order you want. I just put it at the end of each chapter. Remember to search every houses, chests, niches, and caves. You'll never know what to find. Maybe you'll find magical items ???!!!! And go back to each village everytime. Believe me, you'll having different experiences. So prepare yourself for another Betrayal ..........


Press CTRL+SHIFT+Z for cheat menu. Type these phrase and press ENTER

  • ask a glass of water : teleports party to where they were at the beginning of chapter
  • some call me tim : during combat will kill all enemies
  • gotta have magic : give Aren all spells
  • why am I so dull : maximize all the party skills
  • man does my leg hurt : will heal the party
  • supermarket for the rich : allow you access to a cache of good item


Main Goal : Escort Aren to Panizo

Q : Where is Aren's father ?
A : He is the owner of River Wheel Tavern. You can meet him outside the inn. After you told the story to your father, you can go directly to Panizo.

Q : Where is Kaelyn ?
A : You can meet her at the west path from Briala (just outside of the forest). She is attacked by a group of bandits. Help her and she'll join you in your quest. Bring her to Balmestri. She'll meet her friend, Nikki, and sold her animal skin to Nikki.


Q : Lonzo the farmer, how can I help him to cure his cow ?
A : Find Doc Myers in Balmestri. Tell him about the disease. Go back to Lonzo for a reward : 2 tongue coat and 2 steadfast tonic.

Q : The missing boy in Aspreza, where can I find Mickel ?
A : Enter the cave near the temple of Kor, west of Aspriza. Don't forget to bring some ropes with you. Find him in a pit deep in the cave. Use the rope to raise him up. Escort him back to his mother, Belora. Received a reward.

Q : The pirate's attack, how can I help the people of Balmestri ?
A : Talk to Mathew, William's brother. Learn the situation in Balmestri. Release Penwhite, the town scrivener (his house is being guarded by a bunch of pirates). He'll explain about the major's conspiracy with the pirate. Talk to the major of the town about this. He'll runaway to Sortiga to his sister's house. Report this to Mathew.

Q : Farmer Mattai Brunia, how can I help him ?
A : Talk with Mattai Brunia at the Balmestri Inn. He's a wheat farmer, who had a farm in Imazi, but his crops didn't grow last season, and he had nothing to harvest. Lord Garson of Imazi took his farm when he couldn't pay his taxes. Talk to Lord Garson in Imazi, and to everybody inside the inn at Sortiga. Find the witch in the sparse forest near Sortiga, just north of town and south of the impassable forest. Get the handkerchief. Go back to Lord Garson and show him the handkerchief (you'll get the Deed to Burnia's Farm). Go talk to Farmer Burnia in Balmestri Inn, and give him the Deed. Go see Farmer Burnia at his farm in Imazi, where you will need to cure his haunted fields. Go to the temple of Henna in a mountain pass to the south of Ligano and get blessed for 125b. Go back and pull the Staff of Nightmares out of the ground in the center of the back field.

Q : The Wedding Rings.
A : In Sortiga, Benje the fool is upset about a wedding ring. Go find the wedding rings in a cache on the beach to the southeast of town, and return them to him. Received a book : Acute Senses and Perceptions (increase your "scout" skill by 5 pts). You'll also need to clear the Ligano-Sortiga road of Montari, so that a Ligano Priest at the temple of Henne can arrive. Go back to the father of the bride and received a pearl as a reward. Note : you'll meet Benje again later in Durst in chapter 4.

Q : The Senaedrin Sisters, where are they ?
A : On the road northeast of Ligano are some Senaedrin Sisters. Give them 24 food rations (they'll give you lots of senwater and heals your party) so that they can get to Aspreza in time to save the town from the plague. If the sisters are on time, you will get a reward in that the tinker that repairs armor and swords for a fixed fee (first time is free of charge) will survive the plague. If you do not help the sisters, the tinker will die and you will not be able to repair the good armor you find.

Q : The drum skill, where can I learn this skill ?
A : This skill can help you to get rid off those annoying field worms without fighting them. Go talk to a drum maker in Imazi. He has lost his drum skin somewhere near the hills. Bring some shovel and dig a niche between Imazi and Aliero, it's on the north hills. Give back the skin to him and received the drums. Go to marketplace in Midova. Learn the drum skill from a merchant. Starting now you can get rid off the field worms.

Q : What else can I get in this chapter ?
A : You can learn lots of skill from this chapter, including :

  • Briala : increase "stealth" by 5 pts. from a pig farmer, agree to help him and get your skill increased
  • Aspreza : talk bout Scott Gratisi with Eugene in Briala. Find Scott Gratisi in the inn in Aspreza. Learn some magic from the paper he gave you (Resonance of Fortune and Seventh Sense).
  • Ligano : find sergeant Kalyx and Rosie. Talk to them. If you have defeated 6 montari bands in the street between Sortiga and Ligano, give him 7 food rations and he'll increase your "defense" skill by 5 pts.
  • Ligano : find a nurse who is lacked of herbal powder. Give her 12 herbal powders and she'll increase your "assessment" skill by 5 pts.
  • Panizo : buy Cadman's Memoir (increase "melee" by 5 pts) and Carlith's Mating Ritual (increase "scout" by 5 pts. )
  • You can get money easily by buying ale and fidali leaves, combine them to make fidali paste and sell it back. You will get profit up to 250 %.
  • Another way to get easy money is by mining some gems in a mine near Aliero. Equip yourself with pickaxe and Resonance of Fortune spell.


Main Goal : Find Mage Finch and go to Ticoro to help "The Consort"

Q : Where is Mage Finch ?
A : You can find him just north of Midova, in front of an alcove.

Q : Where can I get Chailan Tea for Finch ?
A : You can order it from Paolo Verazza's Peerless Imports in Midova. Wait for another week then return again to pick up your tea.

Q : How can I help Paolo to pay his loans ?
A : Talk to Leon in the inn to talk about the loans. Discuss this with Paolo. Paolo says that it was probably Contuso Nobles that stole the money, because the Verazza & Contuso families hate each other. Talk with Antoni Octomont, the money lender in Midova. He'll work out a deal, where he'll give Paolo the Tea if you can collect on another outstanding loan he made to Enkudi, who's somewhere in the Montari Territory.

Q : Where is Enkudi ?
A : Find Enkudi along the road leading from Ligano to Sortiga, and he'll give you some gems to repay Antoni. He'll also ask you to help him, by taking a Divining Rod, and using it to tap into an underground water source for the Montari. Enter the Montari Cave (between Balmestri & Sortiga), and find the little creek inside the caves (behind Chee's whereabout), and use the Rod on the river. While there, talk with Chee (he's the leader of this Montari colony). He says that the drought has been causing problems for the Montari, and that a noble in Imazi (Lord Garson) has diverted the river to water the farmers crops. Return to Antoni the money lender (Midova), and give him the gems. He'll give Paolo the tea, and Paolo will give the tea to you (finally!). Give the Tea to Mage Finch (arrrgghhh, you'll see why), who will teach Aren some magics.

Q : Where is the secret passage to Ticoro ?
A : Now its time to visit Ticoro. The normal road to Ticoro is blocked by guards stationed on the bridge outside of the town. You'll need to take a passage through the mountains which is located just Northwest of Panizo along the road to Midova. Go through the mountain, follow the river west to a section shallow enough to cross, and then go directly to Ticoro and approach the city gate to end the chapter.


Q : Mattai Brunia's gold mine, I've heard about it. Where is the exact location ?
A : Back again to Imazi for the second time. Talk to the other people in Imazi again about Lord Garson, including the insurance man and the man that has been cheated by Garson. Enter the mine behind the farm and kill the three groups of bandits. Talk to Farmer Burnia about his new gold mine, he'll give you an emerald shieldstone.

Q : The fight between Contuso's and Verraza's family, how can I make them peace ?
A : Get the "Contuso Family Scroll" from a chest that is behind Finch near Midova. Go to Waterfork. Give the "Contuso Family Scroll" to Marnia Contuso. That will make them friends again. Received an emerald as a reward. Note : you can use this emerald on a bust of Emperor Valorian in the museum in Ravenne to reveal a secret compartments contains of Circlet of Senaedrin . Get it.

Q : The fisherman's problem, how can I help him ?
A : There is a fisherman who couldn't do his job again because of the masliths near the river north of Waterfork. Kill all the Masliths (lizards) near the river north of town, and get Henne's Horn from Fisherman.

Q : The beast of Cardone, where can I find him ?
A : Learn about the beast from the folks in Cardone. Cure the Beast thats northwest of Cardone, by mixing nudberry root (you can buy one at Cardone's inn or in a niche at the forest west of secret entrance to Ticoro) with a food package and clicking it on the beast. Once cured, the Grrrlf tells you a message to pass along to any other Grrrlf you meet.

Q : Mage Chilbain's riddle, where can I find the answer ?
A : Talk to Mage Chilbain in Cardone, get answer to his riddle from childern in Ravenne. He will attack you after you answer his riddle, and you'll find a Shadowring on his dead body.

Q : The missing verse, where can I find the missing verse for the joyman of Levosche ?
A : There is a joyman in Levosche who wants to make a song about Cyrilyn, a hip that went down long ago. He's trying to finish the ballad in time for the Ticoro festival, but he can't remember the name of shipwright that built the ship. Now you have to collect the information around the ship from several different places, because when you return he'll ask for another 2 name before he can finish the ballad. You can gain lots of information from a man in Ormede (just pay 150b for the info), from a museum in Ravenne (ask all the question that available), from a tavern in Ormede about Riva, and by opening the lever chest : Derek. Then go back to the joyman and tell him the name : Cavotte. Talk again twice (the answers are Riva and Derek) then he'll finish the ballad. He will give you his special show at Knight's Promise Inn in Ticoro in chapter 3.

Q : Malachite cat, where can I find the Torchite Gem ?
A : First go to Melay and talk to the woman sculptor about a statue of jaeger (the malachite cat). Learn that her father was killed on defending that statue. Talk to Gunther Yup in the house just in front her house about this cat. Then use a bucket (you can get one in Briala's shop) on the town's well to get a Torchite Gem. Hmmmm..... all these years the cat was staying in the bottom of the well. Give gem to Gunther, who'll give you a Diamond Shieldstone.

Q : What else can I get in chapter 2 ?
A : Just like in chapter 1, you can learn lots of skills and have many good items here including :

  • Waterfork : Cure the sick child by giving him the Fidali Paste. Receive : banded shield.
  • Waterfork : Increase "foraging" by 5 pts. from a trapper
  • Levosche : Increase "defense" by 5 pts. from a Master Swordsman
  • Ormede : A mage will teach magic for 100b (choice : Create, Area, or Light)
  • Ormede : A fruit merchant will turn your food into ration pack just for 2b for each food in 1 day
  • Melay : Buy the book "Ponaka's Last Stand", it will increase "defense" by 5 pts.


Main Goal : Find the consort's location

Q : Help, where can I sleep here ? All inns are full ........
A : Its a good idea to head quickly for the Henne's Shadow Inn (in the cities southeast corner), where you'll meet Aren's old friend, Scott Gratisi, who'll get the innkeeper to give you a room at the inn (where you can buy food and resting). This is the ONLY Inn where you'll be able to rest in town.

Q : Where is the consort ?
A : First, find some info. First ask Raal the Grrrrlf about the situation in Ticoro. Then ask Lord Sheffield at the southern side of the plain. Next talk to Lord Caverton in a big house on the western side of the plain. Discover the brawl between them. If you have time talk to High Brother at the Temple of Henne (northern side of the plain) and Selena Sheffield at the Knight's Promise inn at the northeast side of town. Finally, head to the north guardhouse and ask about the consort. Upon leaving the guardhouse, William will notice a hole on the roof. Check out the locked gate west of the guardhouse.

Q : Where is the key to the ramparts ?
A : Talk to the Locksmith (located near the middle of the eastern wall), who'll tell you that he built the lock on the Ramparts gate. He'll give you a key if you can find out who is picking all his locks around town.

Q : Where can I find this lockpicker guy ?
A : Talk to Torrance Pasege (located in the southeast corner), who was the Locksmith's apprentice, until he got fired. He's been picking all the locks as a way of getting revenge on the Locksmith for firing him. Go back to the Locksmith and tell him about Torrance's demand. He'll agree to rehire Torrance, and then gives you the key to the Ramparts.Then return to Torrance. For 50 burlas, he'll increase your lockpicking skill by 10 pts.

Q : How can I overheard the conversation between the guard at the guardhouse ?
A : Unlock the Ramparts gate, then head up the stairs, then go right ... until you find a hole in the Ramparts. Click on the hole, and you'll listen to the conversation the guards are having .... and you'll learn that the Consort is staying at the "Green & White" Inn. Before entering the Green & White Inn, be sure you've finished all your business in Ticoro (sell all unneeded items, visit NPC's, etc).

Q : Where is the Green & White Inn ?
A : The Green & White Inn is located in the southwest corner of town. Talk with the man seated at the table. Then head back to Henne's Inn, click on the InnKeeper ..... and Chapter 3 is completed.


Q : What special things that can be found in chapter 3 ?
A : You'll discover many special things like :

  • Ring of Welcoming : in a chest beside the Ticor's Finest Armor south of town (near the dig site)
  • Ledger book : beside Henne's Shadow Inn (southwest of it in a trapped chest), increasing "haggling" skill by 5 pts
  • Shadowring and Academy Pass : in a trapped chest in front of a shop in the south area of town
  • Attractor : in a trapped chest near Knight's Promise Inn, use it on shield to reduce the accuracy of enemy's arrows
  • Irthindes : in a bead chest with combination Blue Green Green, use it on your weapons (swords or arrows) to make it poisoned
  • Grounding Wire : in a trapped chest at the southeast area (near the pool)
  • Talk to Cammile Farray (nortwest corner of town), she'll teach Aren some magic. Choose : create, touch, or water.
  • If you travel to the northwest border of Varnasse in chapter 2, you can meet Master Mason in the southwest area of Ticoro. Tell him about the blocking bridge.


Main Goal : Find the Shepperd's Headquarter

Q : Where should I begin this search ?
A : First, talk to Mackey at the crossroad between Varnasse and Ticoro. He'll tell you to go to Isten and find Maria in the theatre. She knows about the Shepperd's activities.

Q : The guard of the Amphitheater won't let me in, where should I find the entrance tickets ?
A : There are 2 ways to get the tickets. First : the painless way to get it is by defeating Lord Lighton in a card game. He is at the local tavern at noon. Gain info about him from an old lady in the first house on the right side of the road. Second : you could retrieve the ticket from a trapped chest south of Isten (in an area with lots of blocks). The chest belongs to the old lady in Isten. Be sure to prepare yourself with fidali paste to counteract the poison. After you have the ticket, go straight to the Amphitheater, north of Isten. Knock at the door then give the ticket to the guard. Talk to Maria.

Q : Where is Simon ? Nobody knows about him at Durst.
A : Are you sure ??!!! First, try to find him in Durst. The village is the last place he visited before he disappeared. OK, be generous a little. Pay the priest some money for blessing. After that you can talk to Jiana. Ask her about Simon.

Q : Where is the Reverend hand ?
A : He is standing in front of Ticoro's gate.

Q : Once again, where is Simon ?
A : Go to Ravenne. Look for his house (the one with a backyard). Enter ........... ambush !!!! Kill all the guard and return to the house. Pick up the note. Read it. Then go to Levosche. Simon is standing in the middle of the village. Ask him about the Shepperd Headquarter.

Q : How can I get into the Shepperd Headquarter ?
A : First, find the medallion in Simon's backyard at Ravenne (click on the backyard). Then go to the lake northeast of Ticoro. Find the buried door on the wall. Use the medallion with the door. Now, for the combination : examine the medallion. You'll find a note on it : R L R (stands for turn Right, Left, the Right). Look at the picture of staff on the door's pointer. Notice that three symbols, now turn the pointer according to the picture and the direction R L R.


Q : Where should I plant these nudberries plants ?
A : In Varnasse, there is a herbalist who wants to plant some nudberries plants. Burried these plants in 3 holes near the crossroads to Ticoro. Then go back to her and receive 5 dervish disks.

Q : Naomi's package, what should I do with her package cause there is no one at home ?
A : She lives in Varnasse's conservatory. She wants to deliver a package to Noah, her cousin in Elona. She said that if you didn't find him, just sprinkle the seeds in his garden. Just go to his house at Leona through a pathway between the mountain north of the bridge to Korus Landing. Once you have been there, knock at his door. If there is no answer just use the seeds in his garden at the back of his house. Then go back again to Naomi. She'll teach you "Poison" and "Resist" skills, also the spells of "Winter's kiss" and "Scent of a viper". Then go back to Noal. He'll get mad because you've ruin his plant with the nutritiens that Naomi has given to you. So, Naomi and Noal has an internal fight for a long time, and now you've ruin Noal's life.

Q : Cheese party, where should I gain one ?
A : In Korus Landing, there is a special party held by a noble man who lives next to the shop. He wants some cheese for his party. He has ordered them to the local store, Sylvie Ashwood, for a long time but nothing shows up. When you talk to her, she explains that they lack of cheese because of the blocade at the bridge by Mason's men. You can buy some cheese only at 2 place nearby : one in Durst and the other in Levosche. But .......... (#?!!***) just see what I meant after you deliver the cheese to the noble man or you'll have a better result if you give the cheese to Sylvie Ashwood (the price is 50 b).

Q : The death of Brian Castere, what is going on with him ?
A : Brian Castere is a respected mage in Teal. One day he just disappeared and found out death. Everybody in Teal said that it was an accident. But it was too obvious. First gather informations from all around the town. Then visit Brian's grave and his house beside the inn. You'll find the Priest of Kor inside. After that conversation walk around for a while then you'll see that Brian's grave has been dug out. William will discover a strange map inside the coffin. Follow the map to a niche south of the graveyard. You'll find a red key. Go back to Brian's house to find out that the priest has been left. Check out the note inside the house. There is an initial name G.F on the note. Go directly to Everton. Find G. Fayle's house (the one that is locked). Use the red key to unlock the door. Inside you'll find another note and a Brian's journal that explains the whole incident. Talk to Fayle (the man in front of the house). Go to the local shop. When the first time you enter the shop, the owner has a slight problem with his servant. Go back again later and give him 500b to restock his shop. He'll help you to clean out Brian's name. Fayle has murdered Brian because of the trading with Mehrat. In return, the shopkeeper will give you a Montari chain mail armor. Read the journal to increase your "movement" spell skill by 5 pts.

Q : Marcus' disappearence, where can I find info about him ?
A : In Elona, there is a young woman who seeks her lost husband in the west border. She wants you to find out about him. On the way to Isten you can pick up a bloody note on a death priest. Give the note to Sister Senena at the Temple of Senaedrin. That will wrap up the mystery of Marcus. Sister Senena will give you a gem in return.

Q : The pox attack at Everton, how can I help the pregnant woman ?
A : A young woman in Everton needs Sister of Senaedrin's attention to help her sister with her pregnancy. Nobody in Everton will help her because her family has been attacked by pox disease. Go to Isten and tell Sister Serena from the Temple of Senaedrin about her sister's condition. Go back to Everton and received a blue key from her. She told you that you could take everything in her house. Go to her house just accross the street. Use the blue key to unlock the door. Inside you can choose one of these (have a heart will you ??!!! Don't take everything) : bucket, shovel, fidali paste, burlas, or bracelet.

Q : The missing idol, where can I find this lost tree idol ?
A : In Eastbank, there is a woodcutter who wants to take revenge to a strange man that has destroyed his ancestral tree to the north of the town. He blames the stranger for the curse of the wasteland. First, talk to his neighbour. The old lady will give you a green key that she has found near the ancient tree. Go to Jaeger's house in Korus Landing (remember the cheese party ??!!). Use the green key to unlock the back door. Get the tree idol. Return to the woodcutter. Give him the idol. Now he wants you to buried it in the stump. Go to the forest just north of Eastbank (behind the second bushes on the right side of the road). Find the stump. Then use the idol on the stump. Buried it with your shovel. Return again to the woodcutter and receive a gem.

Q : What great things can I gain in Chapter 4 ?
A : You can do lots lots of things here, including :

  • Varnasse : learn "repair" skill from a blacksmith for 80b. He'll increase your skill by 12 pts.
  • Waterfork : sell shield or any cheap weapons for 200b to a freak man in a house near shop.
  • Ravenne : increase "spellcasting" by 5 pts at Thomas Inquivar's house. Talk to him again after he reject you at the first time (overheard his conversation with his apprentice).
  • Ormede : the researcher of the museum will increase your "lockpick" by 6 pts.
  • Isten : Ben Stafford will increase your "haggling" skill by 7 pts.
  • Isten : Mage Darvoston will teach you "charm" and "magic" spells for 400b. He also will increase your "cause" spell skill and "spellcasting" by 5 pts.
  • Durst : give pearl to the swordsmen, he'll increase your "melee" by 5 pts each time.
  • Grandeur : buy "Muscles and Glands" to learn about "strength" spells, especially for "Adrenalize".
  • Cardonne : talk to the magistrate, fight against him. It will increase "assessment" by 5 pts.
  • Cardonne : give hardening fluid to Jeremiah Crock, the alchemist, and received 6 attractor in return.
  • Levosche : in the barn (after you pay the owner who lives next door) you'll find a note, fire staff, and several other usefull things.
  • Camille : you can use the healing well by paying 60b (not helping too much).
  • Friole : you'll find a note about the legendary Vell tomb in a barn (you'll find this tomb in chapter 6). Ask the owner of the barn about the note.


Main Goal : Find Kaelyin's father and destroy all wraiths.

Q : Where is Kaelyin's father ?
A : He is in a cave (the entrance is behind the northeast bushes) in the forest southeast of Grandeur (or north of Darvi). Ask for the information first to the Kaelyn's fur father (he is at the northwest entrance of the forest near Grandeur) then check out the note at Kaelyn's hut in the center of the forest (near the south border).

Q : Help me to kill this wraith, it seems that my weapon doesn't hurt them ?
A : Be patient OK. First talk to Kaelyn's father, then he'll enhance your weapons so you can kill all the wraiths now, there are 5 of them lurking around the forest. Before that, just avoid the wraiths.

Q : How can I finish this chapter ?
A : Go back to Kaelyn's father and report about the wraiths.


Q : The missing book, where is it ?
A : In Darvi, there is a scholar who has lost his book : "A social Analysis of Organism". Find this book at the inn (it lies on the left bottom corner). Give him the book back. You have 2 choices about this mini quest : First, you can read the book to increase your "assessment" by 10 pts but the scholar will hate you for the rest of his life. Or second just do what the scholar ask for you : DON'T READ THE BOOK and you will received 4 bowstrings, 8 beeswax, and 12 enchanted arrows.

Q : The drunk man, where should I dig the reward ?
A : In Darvi, there's a drunk man who wants to barter his secret with a bottle of wine. Do what he said (you can buy some wine in Eastbank) and he'll tell you that his shieldstone has been buried in this village. But ...... don't believe a drunk man cause actually you will find this site near the town of Torlith, south of Darvi. Dig it and find the saphire shieldstone.

Q : The wasteland, where is Toddy ?
A : In Durst, there is a father who seeks his son Toddy. Toddy has been playing in wasteland, north of Durst, since this morning and hasn't returned yet. Prepare yourself to fight the firewolf and release Toddy from the danger. You'll be awarded by a book : "The Adventure of Caarl Matson" which will increase your "melee", "scout", and "stealth" by 3 pts after you read it.

Q : What other things can I get in this chapter ?
A : You can pay 200b to the adventurer in Darvi to increase your archery skill by 10 pts and you can pay some pearl to the armourer in Durst to increase your "melee" by 5 pts.


Main Goal : Find the Shepperd's leader and join the Mercenaries

Special note : this is a blood bath chapter, prepare yourself with good weapons and enhancement potions to help you fighting enemies, especially for those pirate archers

Q : What should I do with this mozaic tile ?
A : Actually it's a door. You have to slide it to enter the inner chamber. First of all, you should have a lantern key first. Get it from a lever chest in the southeast area of the cave. The password is : MALKERE. Use the lantern with the candle beside the mozaic tiles, then push the four glowing buttons. The tile will slide open.

Q : Where is the leader ?
A : He is at the northeast area of the inner chamber. He'll tell you that the consort has been taken through the magic portal by Kahlet, the mercenaries' leader and Maris, the mage. Fight Maris to the death and chase Kahlet to the outside world.

Q : How can I defeat these annoying pirate archers ?
A : You're right, these archers are very hard to defeat. Use the Armorlight spell to protect you from arrows attack.

Q : Where do I have to start gaining information about Kahlet ?
A : Talk to Khorus at the Pearl Spittoon Inn in Ganath. Challenge him on a wrestling match. Use the halders brew to defeat him (you can find one in an abandoned house in Bakril). He'll order you to find Lokath in Choth. Lokath will tell you about Kahlet after you've done some job for him.

Q : Where is lieutenant Birge ?
A : He is standing in front of Lord Garson house in Imazi. Give him 14 rations and the note. Then ask for employment.

Q : What should I do to help Birge ?
A : Look at that hole on the ground near Birge ??!!! First, find a montari to help you out. You can find one at the montari warden, southwest of Sortiga. On the way there, you can find Scott Gratisi at Ligano tavern. Talk to montari leader about mercenaries inside the cave. Return to Birge and tell him that Chee will help digging a tunnel. Then he'll order you to return to Lokath and give him a sealed note.

Q : Where is Kahlet ?
A : He is just south of Choth, in the encampment. Show him Lokath's letter and he'll give you a job.

Q : Where is the cabin ?
A : It just north of Torlith. Follow the narrow path beside the swamp to the north. The cabin is guarded by 3 men. Give them the swampwalking potion. Enter the cabin, and ..... end of chapter 6.


Q : The Chuman's attack in Torlith, where is the chest ?
A : A man was attacked by Chuman. His valuable lever chest (the password is Kirith) has been taken by them. He wants to give some sacrifice for Henne with the contents of the chest. You can find this chest to the east of Torlith (beside the road). Kill the chumans who guard it and tell the man about the chest. In return you'll be awarded with Circlet of Senaedrin.

Q : The mage rage, where can I find him ?
A : In Torlith, there is a man who is afraid of being attacked by a mage from the swamp area. You can help him by taking the mage's book which he is buried in a niche to the south east of Torlith (it's in front of the exit from the Shepperd's cave. Read these books and you can increase "stealth" by 5 pts (Swamp's Survival Skills) and "electricity" by 5 pts (Weather Patterns of Ramar). Then head into the Torlith swamp, east of the village. Be sure to prepare yourself with grounding wire. Use it with your armor to reduce the electric attack. It is better to use the Aura of Insulation spell on yourself to avoid getting damage from the bugs' attack. Help the mage from the lighting bugs. Then give him grounding wire to protect him. He'll reward you with Winterstaff and teach you "cold" spell by 20 pts.

Q : Lord Dakka's mercenaries, where can I find his wines ?
A : Lord Dakka of Keth is preparing an attack to someone in Bakril. He'll order you to bring him back his wine before he wants to talk to you. You'll actually find his wine in a chest near the crossroad between Bakril, Briala, and Choth. The road to this chest is heavily guarded with pirate archers. So prepare yourself wisely. Then go immediately to Bakril. Help the barkeep in the local tavern to defeat Dakka's men. He'll tell you that Dakka is very angry with him because he still doesn't receive his package of wine. You have 2 options here : first, go back to Lord Dakka and give him all his wines and get NOTHING or second, you can give the wine to the barkeep and received BLESSED PLATE MAIL ARMOR.

Q : Liar Festival, who should I choose to be the Most Convincing Liar ?
A : Each year the people of Choth celebrate a special festival that called The Liar Festival. Every citizens try to lie as good as they can to the stranger. And that stranger will decide who is the best liar. First talk to every person in the village (there are 6 persons). Then you can choose one of these men according to your taste of the prize :

  • Mage Gordostorini : you'll received 3 charluda's chain
  • Walter the hero : he is telling the truth, you can't choose him
  • Soldier : you'll received Everedge sword and tower shield (Everedge is the best sword in this game because it can't be broken, so you won't need any wheatstone again)
  • Captive : you'll received a fake treasure map
  • Marion the Healer : you'll received 5 halder's brew
  • Beatrice the Thief : you'll received the Shadowring

Q : Lizbeth's case, how can I help her ?
A : Remember the story of a young girl with Lord Garson of Imazi in chapter 1 ??!! You'll actually meet the girl, Lizbeth, after you've talked to his father in this chapter. She really needs your help right now. Give her a sword and in return she'll increase your "assessment" by 10 pts.

Q : What else can I get in this chapter ?
A : You can have several useful items like :

  • Pay the mage in Keth 75b to increase your "spellcasting" by 5 pts and "poison" by 10 pts.
  • Next to Keth you'll be attacked by a bunch of mercenaries. Kill them all and you'll find a note in their dead bodies. The note will tell you that Densmore will pay Gerry Barcudi if he has completed his job to kill Lord Stafford of Isten.


Main Goals : Join Aren and William

Q : Where should I go first ?
A : Remember where you have promised to meet Aren in Chapter 3 ??!! Go to Grandeur. You'll meet Naku, the messenger, there. Received the note from William. It tells you to go to Darvi and meet them at the Feral Duck Inn.

Q : Nobody at the inn, what should I do ?
A : Check out the Reliable Couriers first. The owner will tell you to check out at the innkeeper

Q : The innkeeper won't tell me about William and Aren ?
A : Hey, nothing is free in this cruel world. Pay him some money. Give him 30b then another 45b for the note from William. They said something about going to the capital and along the way to the west, Aren has left some remarkable sign like burning forest and crashing some bridge. What a mage !!!!!

Q : How can I cross that burning bridge ?
A : No, you couldn't cross that broken bridge. Try another way. You have 4 ways to go to the west : first, you can use the cart to travel to Isten with 300b; second, you can pay the bandits 100b at the northern bridge between Grandeur and Burlen; third, by defeating the bandits on the north bridge; or the cheapest but longer ways is by reuniting the 2 lovers from Eastbank and Camille. Talk to Stephen the mage at Eastbank. Then go to Pamela in Camille, find out that Stephen can do something with the river so you can cross it safely. Go back again to Stephen and he'll help you if you do something for him. Return to Pamela and say some romantic poems to help Stephen. Finally, return to Stephen and tell him that Pamela will wait for him at the river bank on the next full moon. Go find Stephen to the northwest of Eastbank, near the riverbed and the big tree. Talk to him. He'll raise the river bed and you can pass the river safely.

Q : Where should I find William and Aren ?
A : A little girl in Everton will tell you that they are heading Antara through the Ciaga Pass, southeast of Isten. The girl hide them when they were chased by Kahlet's men. You'll meet them just at the entrance of Ciaga Pass.

Q : How can I defeat the mercenaries around William and Aren, they're too many to handle ?
A : Listen carefully to Raal's word about making some explosive. Combine the rope and oil to make snares (you can buy them at Isten). Use these snares to explodes the group of mercenaries. You should need 3 of them to defeat the 3 groups around the pass. After that, William, Aren, and the consort will be heading to Antara. Meet them in front of Antara's gate. Raal will leave you now....... end of Chapter 7. The wraith is attacking the city of Antara.


Q : Phoebe and her ancestral tree, how can I help her to save the tree from the fire ?
A : While in Durst, you'll hear from Jahna in the Temple of Henne that Phoebe was trapped in the forest. The mercenaries from Torlith and Durst has burnt down the forest while chasing William and Aren (you heard this from the ex-mercenaries in Durst). After Jahna has blessed you with the power of Henne (so you couldn't be burned by the fire), head west to the burned forest. It's easy to spot because of the big fire, you just have to follow the path beside the hill to the west. Talk to Phoebe, then dig a hole around the tree. Put some senwater in it to safe the ancestral tree. Return to Jahna and received her special reward : increase all of your attributes by 3 pts and heal all of your character.


Main Goals : Solve the mystery that surrounding Gregor's death

Q : Who should I meet in Nathby ?
A : Find Captain Tyee at the Docks. Ask him about the wreck. He'll mention one name : Poul. You can meet this guy at the Lusty Maiden tavern. Tyee said that Poul knows something about Gregor. Go find Poul and ask him about Gregor. Poul tells you to find Gregor's girlfriend, Misha, in Beluckre. Misha will tell you everything about Gregor. Note : on the way to Nathby, you can gain information about the monster that killed Gregor in Knightridge. Enter the local tavern, Sword and Crook, and ask the barman about the Perdugo's painting. This painting describes the form of the beast accurately. The barman suggest you to find Perdugo the artist who made it. Perdugo lives nearby. Go to his house and ask him about the painting. He'll tell you that he got his inspiration from Farrel, the one arm man. Farrel has lost his hand while fighting the beast. He saw the beast flying from the Waste and Mage Bryce, Lord Sheffield's magician, has nailed it with a spell. Hmmmmm ....... it sounds very interesting. What's the role of Lord Sheffield in this matter ?????

Q : Where can I find the sencream ?
A : Find Misha at the local Brothel. Ask him about Gregor. But before Misha will help you, she asks for some sencream first. Go to local store. Talk to Marlon, the propietor. Alas .... he's out of stock, you must find him another ingredients first before he can make a new sencream.

Q : Where can I find these ingredients ?
A : You can find senwater and fidali leaves in a shop at Breland. And for the animal fat, you can buy it from the local tavern in Beluckre or you can have it sometime after you killed some Karn in the wilderness (Check out their death bodies). Bring them to Marlon, and he'll make you a sencream. Bring the sencream to Misha, and she'll give you Gregor's key. She said that Gregor has been living in Havesly all of his live. Lord Sheffield must know him because he is his favourite joyman.

Q : How can I end this chapter ?
A : Ask Lord Sheffield about Gregor. You can find him in his castle. Sheffield tells you that Gregor has a room in Sentinel, the local inn. Go to the inn and ask the innkeeper about Gregor. Give him the Gregor's key. Enter Gregor's room and read his diary. Go back to Sheffield's castle and find out that his castle has been attacked by the pirates ...... end of Chapter 8. Note : Before you give the key to the innkeeper, you can ask the locals about Sheffield's family. Check out the local bank (it's very strange that Lord Sheffield has 2 accounts with same name and signature) and the lighthouse. Ask the lighthouse guard about the lighthouse. He'll tell you that there's a secret entrance near the lighthouse stair. Go there and enter the lighthouse through the secret entrance. Read some notes you found. Notice that a Sheffield has been dealing with the pirates to get rid of Gregor. Hmmmmm...... this is becoming more clearer than before. Sounds that Sheffield has a secret to hide.


Q : The mad Terraang, where can I find this beast ?
A : A mother who lives in Breland has lost his baby. A terraang has gone berzerk and kidnapped the baby. He runaways to the wood with the baby. Ask the hunters who lives in front of the mother's house about the track. Then go directly to the little clearing, south of Breland. Kill it and go back to the mother. She thanks you with a pearl. Try to cheer up the pet owner who lives near the shop. He is very sad 'cause he has raised the terraang since it was a little.

Q : Vanguard shield, where should I find this incredible shield ?
A : If you check out the Trrkaaa who lives in Dumali, you'll heard a story about a man who is defending some valuable treasure from the beast. The man's boat has sinked in the river southeast of Breland. Go to Breland and use the fishing pole to the center of the river. And ..... that's the famous shield of Vanguard. Note : it is a little bit hard to find the spot in the river. You should try to fishing in the river that is in the same screen with the village of Breland in the map screen. The spot is near the red flower on the river bed. You won't find any fishing pole in this chapter, so if you didn't prepare it from the beginning you couldn't find the shield.

Q : What else can I get in this chapter ?
A : There are lots of interesting you can find in this chapter, such as :

  • Breland : give senwater to the mage and he'll increase "spellcasting" by 1 pts and "fire" by 12 pts.
  • Beluckre : A mage will increase your "spellcasting" by 1 pts and "movement" by 15 pts after you defeat him in a game of card.
  • Beluckre : A man can recharge your magic staff for 500b.
  • Dumali : buy the book of Constitutional Study (increase "damage" by 5 pts) and A field Guide to Irrigation and Farming (increase "water" by 5 pts).
  • Dumali : inside the bead chest here you'll find another Everedge sword.


Main Goals : Destroy the evil force once and for all !!!!!

Q : Where is Lord Sheffield ?
A : Find the cellar key along with Sheffield's signature note in a bedchamber up on the second floor. Use the cellar key to unlock the gate to the cellar downstair at the north wing of the castle. Lord Sheffield can be found at the southeast area. You'll meet a surprising story about Selena. All of this time, Selena was the one who is dealing with the pirates and the consort kidnapping. But she did it only to safe her father house. And someone has take an advantage of her action. Mage Bryce was responsible of inviting the wraith to kidnapped the princess soul. He has a revenge to the Shadow, the guardian of the emperor. From the death body you'll learn about someone behind all this act of conspiracy : SILVER HAWK.

Q : Where can I find Mage Bryce ?
A : You can find him in his workshop through the salt mine, on the foothill west of Havesly. He has a new workshop in the Waste. There is a secret tunnel to the Waste from his workshop at the north area of the salt mine. Read his journal to know the whole story. His new workshop is in the middle area of the Waste. You'll meet Bryce at the northeast area of his workshop.

Q : How can summon the wraith ?
A : Read the journal. It will tells you about the ingredients to summon the wraith. The ingredients can be found in the wooden chest beside the desk. Put these ingredients in the cauldron on the fireplace : senwater, nudberry, talicor dust, Trrkaa feather, and hardening fluid. Watch the ending ..... Darn, the mysterious SILVER HAWK is the High Brother Marr of Ticoro and you can touch him ........

I'm pretty sure that there will be a sequel of this game later on. Until next time.


  • AURORA : Light of the Empire, A star fallen from the sky, And reborn. (northwest corner inside Ticoro)
  • TORCHITE : Softly glowing gem, your light blinds reason and sparks avarice. (in the forest after the secret path near Panizo)
  • CUTLASS : The pirate Thofaz dared to kiss his captain's favorite wench, the angry captain game him this and left him in a trench. (south of the cavern near Aspreza)
  • MIDOVA : Marketplace city, the crossroads of commerce in Pianda. (right path from Aspreza to Balmestri, near the forest)
  • TRIUNE : Like morn, noon and night, parts of a whole that cannot co-exist. (on the road near Aliero)
  • EMERALD : The Antaran Empires founder had an eye of sapphire blue, but the other one he looked through matched a gem of another hue. (on the north path between Sortiga to Ligano)
  • MEHRAT : Ungrateful wretches, unworth the Empire they despise. (on the road near Midova)
  • FIDALI : When crushed and mixed with ale, it leaves a foul concoction. Your best chance to prevail, when suffering from a toxin. (beside the hidden lake between Imazi and Midova)
  • DENNA : Should twixt your ribs an enemy's sharp blade slip. Thank she whose sacrifice brought forth the senwater you sip. (behind a house in Aliero)
  • MONTARI : The siege of Poolkeep would have failed if not for them tunneling. (at the road between Ligano and Panizo)
  • JAEGER : Stodgy blueblood, imperial emblem, ferocious predator. (in front of Jewels of Ticor's shop or beside Keys and Bolts)
  • GLASS : If the third man is a hunter and the first one is a smith, ask a child what the second one should be given as a gift. (in the middle of the west forest near Cardone)
  • VALORIAN : A name synanamous with Antara, our light, our sword, our shepherd. (in the east maze between Burlen and Everton)
  • SHIRA : Corrupt assemblage, spending our money, providing no benefit. (beside the road between Camille and Durst)
  • CORLENE : Dear Empress: her love for knowledge was matched only by here charm.(in the center of the maze east of Teal)
  • SHADOWS : Most people have one. The Emperor has at least two. (in the north area of the forest between Grandeur and Darvi)
  • MALKERE : Of all the heros of the Grrrrlf War, none loom larger in memory. (inside the shepperd's cave, in the southeast area)
  • KIRITH : Burlas, emeralds, torchite stones, priceless works of art, I need them not, for you my son, the treasure of my heart. (east of Torlith, guarded by Chumen)
  • CHUMEN : Sad twisted people born of disaster and shunned by others. (in Torlith swamp, east of Torlith)
  • CONSUL : In every city, the Emperor maintains his eyes and ears. (in Torlith swamp east of Torlith, next to the mage : inside you'll find tower shield)
  • WICK : Humans live in houses. Montari live underground. Trkaa don't live in candles, though, despite how it may sound. (on the road between Choth and Bakril, south of the swamp)
  • CALDERLEAF : Before Irthinde was known to exist, this plant was thought to be the deadliest.(on the road between Choth and Bakril, south of the swamp)
  • HAND : The revered guide of each faithful arm following every face. (Near Breland)
  • HALDER : When thieves planned to rob his town, a crafty smith became a hero with a stolen brew which now bears his name.(In Knightridge)
  • HARKUNE : Spine of the empire, towering peaks of strength and majesty. (At the crossroad between Dumali and Havesly)
  • ONYX : Grrrlf: wood::Montari: (at the northwest area of the waste in chapter 9)
  • CHAIL : A travelling foreigner chimmied a lock, chumped a Chaeger, and was caught with stolen chewlry. Where was he bound? (at the north area of the waste in chapter 9)
  • DEREK : Shipwreck survivor, Travelled for years to reach the emperor. (in the forest near Cardone)


KEY: Color code P=Purple, R=Red, Bu=Blue, Y=yellow, Bn=Brown, G=Green, Bk=Black

  • Ticoro: Need BuGG, Have R = Drop R gives GY, Drop Y gives BuGG.
  • Ticoro: Need BuG. Have BuY = Drop BY gives RRW, Drop W gives RRYG, Drop RRY gives BG.
  • Korus Landing: Have YYRRR. Need YYYRR = Drop Y gives YBuRRRBuG. Drop G gives YBRRRBWYBn. Drop BuY gives YBRRRGWBnBn. Drop RY gives BuBuRRGWBnBn. Drop BBG gives YRRWBnBn. Drop WBnBn gives YYYRR.
  • South-east of TEAL: Have RGBuWY. Need B = Drop G gives RRBuWYWY. Drop BuW gives RRRGYWY. Drop G gives RRRRYWYWY. Drop RRRR gives OYWYWY. Drop OYYW gives BWY. Drop BWY gives Bk.
  • Northwest of Elona: Colors are bleached, need color key: skull = yellow, bottle = red, book = green, bulb = blue. Need RG. Have BuY = Drop Y gives BuBuRG. Drop BuR give BuGG. Drop BuG gives RG.
  • South of Isten: Have WGGR. Need WGY = Drop RW gives YYGGBuBu, Drop YG gives YGBuBuWW. Drop YGBu gives RRBuWW. Drop RBu gives RGGWW. Drop RGW gives YGW.
  • Southwest of Isten: Have GGWYR. Need YWWG = Drop RW gives YGGGB. Drop YBu gives GGGWW. Drop GW gives RYGGBuBuW. Drop RGBuW gives YYGBu. Drop YBu gives YGWW.
  • Chest found just SE of Isten: Need PPP, Have BuY = Drop Y gives BuGP. Drop Bu gives RBuGPRP, Drop GR gives RBuYPP, Drop RBuY gives PPP.
  • West of Durst: Have RWBu. Need RWWWBu. Drop RB give WWOOG. Drop GO give WWGRY, Drop WR give WGOYYY. Drop YY give WGOYWGB. Drop GO give WRYYWGB. Drop BW gives WRYGOYG. Drop YYG give WRGYGRW. Drop RG give WRWYOWW. Drop RY gives WOWGOWW. Drop WOOG gives RWWWB.
  • Torlith Swamp: Have RYG. Need BuBuYG. Drop R give YYGWWW. Drop YYW give RGBuWW. Drop B give RRGGWW. Drop RGW give RYGBuW. Drop RGW give YYBuBu. Drop YBuBu gives YG. Drop Y give RGGBuW. Drop RGW gives YGBuBu.
  • Keth: Have GGOO. Need R. Drop O get GGOYYP. Drop GY get GWOBuYBkP. Drop GOBk get WWPBuYP. Drop BkW get WGPYYP. Drop PG get WBkPYYBkY. Drop BkYYP get WOYBk. Drop WOYBk get R.
  • Nathby: Have GG. Need GGY. Drop G get GBkWWBu. Drop Bk get GRRWWBuBu. Drop GBuBu get BkRRWWW. Drop R get BkRWWWWWYY. Drop WWRY get BkBuWWGY. Drop BkWWBu get GGY.
  • Havesly: Have BuBuWW. Need RRO. Drop Bu get BuRWWW. Drop BuR get YOWWW. Drop OW get YGYWW. Drop YY get OGRWWR. Drop WR get OGRWBu. Drop BuWG get RRO.
  • East of Dumali : Have RRRRR. Need YYYYY. Drop R. Drop RRR. Drop BuBuYG. Drop GW. Drop RWW. Drop BuRG. Get YYYYY.
  • Due north of Durst in the small waste area, Kaelyn and Raal rescue Toddy (cpt 5) and in the curl due north of that is a chest: Need RRGG, Start with BBYY, Drop BY and BY again, Now drop RR and WW. Now drop YP. Next drop OW.
  • On the second floor in Lord Sheffield's castle at Havesly : Have WWW. Need WWWW. Drop W get WWRBk. Drop WW get BkBkRBkRR. Drop Bk get BkBkRWRRR. Drop RR get BkWRBkWBkRBk. Drop Bk get BkBkBk WWWRRR. Drop WRR get BkWBkBkBkWBkR. Drop WBkBk get BkWRRBkBkR. Drop BkBkRR get BkWWWR. Drop BkR get WWWW.


Red = sells armor and weapons, Blue = sells herbal, potions, and magical items, Green = sells gems, Black = common stores

  • BRIALA SHOP: senwater, buckets, shovels, rope, torches, hammer, wheatstone.
    INN: food rations, and resting. Sleep/Eat here for free.
  • ASPREZASHOP: leather armor, shields, Steadfast Tonic & Harding Fluid.
    INN: food only.
  • BALMESTRI SHOP: swords, senwater, shadowmilk, whetstone.
    INN: food rations, and resting.
  • SORTIGA SHOP: herb powder, drums, nudberries, senwater, fidali leaves, rope.
    INN: foor rations, wine, and resting.
  • LIGANO SHOP: steadfast tonic, shadowmilk, yelloweye, halders brew, ring of rangers, sapphire shieldstone, optics primer, dervish disk.
    INN: food, and resting.
  • IMAZI SHOP: leather, hammer, sword, staff. BEST BUYING PRICES!
    INN: food, and resting.
  • ALIERO SHOP: senwater, pick axe, bees wax, torch, lockpicks, rope, shovel, whetstone.
    INN: food rations.
  • PANIZO SHOP: chain mail, shield, hardening fluid, Oil, hammer.
    SHOP: Cadman's Memoir, Carlith's Mating Rituals.
    INN: food, wine, and resting.
  • MIDOVA SHOP: armor, drums, rope.
    INN: food rations, and resting.
    NPC SHOP: Peerless Imports, Paolo Verazza (Quest NPC).
    NPC SHOP: Money Lender, Antoni Octomont (Quest NPC).
  • WATERFORK SHOP: senwater, herb powder, razorcup nector, nudberries, fidali leaves.
    INN: food.
  • CARDONE SHOP: bow strings, arrows, beeswax, short bows.
    INN: food and resting.
  • LEVOSCHE SHOP: shields, swords, steadfast potion, oil, whetstone.
    INN: food and wine.
  • ORMEDE SHOP: Gems, bracelets and a Pendant.
    INN: rations, wine and resting.
  • RAVENNE SHOP: Grrlf Shields, arrows, fishing rod, shovel, swords, senwater, beeswax, torch.
    INN: food and wine.
  • MELAY SHOP: books - Ponaka's Last Stand, Carlith's Mating Rituals, Halder's Tale.
    INN: rations and resting.
  • TICORO Numerous Shops and Inns - See Chapter 3 notes.
  • VARNASSE SHOP: chain mail, armor, staff, shield, swords, hammer.
    INN: rations, wine and resting.
  • KORUS- SHOP: banded shield, senwater, shovel, herbal powder, beeswax, torch.
  • LANDING INN: rations, ale and resting.
  • ISTEN SHOP: armor, oil, rope, yelloweye, fishing rod, animal pelts.
    INN: Food, wine.
  • DURST SHOP: steadfast potion, senwater, fidali paste, shovel, herbal powder, razorcup nector, irthinde.
    INN: rations, cheese and resting.
  • TEAL SHOP: grrrlf bow, arrows, enchanted arrows, grrrlf arrows, long bow, corrosive arrows, flaming arrows, bowstring, beeswax.
    INN: food.
  • ELONA SHOP: gems, bracelet, Pendant.
  • EVERTON SHOP: armor, swords, senwater.
    INN: rations, ale and resting.
  • BURLEN SHOP: Montair chain mail, chain mail, breastplate, banded shield, tortoise shield.
    INN: food, and resting.
  • CAMILLE SHOP: shields.
    INN: food.
  • EAST BANK SHOP: Grrrlf staff, swords, whetstone.
    INN: food, wine and resting.
  • GRANDEUR SHOP: kenetic staff, malkere's serum, essence of the wind, shadowmilk, staff of nightmares, senwater, abrida's conduit, muscles & glands (book), an optics primer (book), necklace of communions, carluda's chain.
    INN: rations, ale and resting.
  • FRIOLE SHOP: shields, arrows, hammer, pickaxe, swords, Grrrlf arrows, bucket, shovel.
    INN: rations and resting.
  • DARVI SHOP: chain mail, breastplale, Grrrlf staff, swords, senwater, torch.
    SHOP: Ponaka's Last Stand, Garlith's mating rituals, Haldor's tale.
    INN: food and resting.
  • TORLITH SHOP: montari chain & plate, armor, grounding wire.
    INN: rations.
  • KETH SHOP: montari chain & plate, arrows, senwater, tower shield, Grrrlf
    arrows, grounding wire.
  • CHOTH SHOP: swords (Onyx blade also!!).
    INN: food and ale.
  • BAKRIL SHOP: steadfast potion, kor's blood, razorcup nectar, herbal powder, senwater.
    INN: rations.
  • GANATH SHOP: swords.
    INN: rations, ale, resting.
  • BRELAND SHOP: Bows, lots of different arrows, beeswax.
    SHOP: steadfast tonic, senwater, fidali leaves, herbal powder, razorcup nectar.
    INN: food, resting.
  • HAVESLY SHOP: Shields, senwater.
    INN: food, resting.
  • DUMALI SHOP: Ton's of magical stuff ... check it out.
    INN: food
  • BELUCKRE SHOP: Talicor dust, oil, bowstring, shovel, hardening fluid, irthinde, beeswax, whetstone.
    INN: food, fatty meat, wine.
  • KNIGHTRIDGE SHOP: Shields, Swords (Januli Greatsword too!)
    INN: rations, ale.
  • NATHBY SHOP: arrows, oil, rope, shovel, senwater, lockpicks, beeswax, torch,whetstone.
    SHOP: swords, shields, armors.
    INN: Food, ale, fatty meat.
    INN: rations, resting.
    INN: food, wine


  • Staff of Nightmare: use it in "thrust" mode in combat screen. It scares your opponents away. You get it in Imazi (Brunia's farm) and in Grandeur's shop.
  • Ring of Rangers: wear it. Increase "scout" by 15 pts. You can buy one in Ligano.
  • Shadowring: wear it. Increase "stealth" by 15 pts. You'll get it after killing Mage Chilblain in Cardone.
  • Henne's Horn: wear it. Reduce food consumption by a character. You'll get it from a fisherman in Waterfork after helping him to kill Maslith.
  • Drums and music skill: use it in battle to scare off field worms.
  • Fidali paste: cure body from poison. Use it on the armour to counteract the poison.
  • Nudberries root: combine it with food ration pack to make a medicine to sooth and angry person.
  • Blood of Kor: increase temporarely your "melee".
  • Razorcup nector: increase temporarely your "archery"
  • Emerald shieldstone: use it to protect the character from lightning spells.
  • Sapphire shieldstone: use it to protect the character from .... spells.
  • Diamond shieldstone: use it to protect the character from fire and emulsify spells.
  • Halders brew: increase temporarely your "melee".
  • Steadfast tonic: increase temporarely your "defense".
  • Tongue coat: increase temporarely your "haggling".
  • Circlet of Senaedrin: use it to heal the poison twice as fast as the herbal pack from your body
  • Ring of Welcoming: wear it. Increase Lockpicking by 15 pts.
  • Grounding wire: use it on the armor. Deflect the electric/lightning spells
  • Irthindes: use it on weapons (sword or arrow) to make it poisoned
  • Attractor: use it on shield to reduce the accuracy of enemy's arrow
  • Essence of the Wind : use it while fighting to double your character move
  • Dervish disk : use it in combat to increase temporarely your "defense".
  • Abrida's conduit : increase temporary "spellcasting"
  • Kinetic Staff : use it on thrust mode, release the emulsify spells and increase your "electricity" spell skill by 10 pts.
  • Necklace of Communion : wear it, increase "assessment" by 46 pts.
  • Fire Staff : use it on thrust mode, release firebolt.
  • Malkere's Serum : increase temporary "melee" and "defense" but reduce your life points 2 pts each turn.
  • Winterstaff : use it in thrust mode while in combat, release cold spell.
  • Carluda's chain: use it to divide equally the hit points from each strike with your friends.
  • Thawing belt : use it on armor to deflect frosted blade.

Special notes :

  • It seems that the story of Mage Byra Maden is only a myth and so does the story of the Vell tomb. If it isn't a myth, you should find the Mage Maden sanctum as the Shepperd's headquarter. And for the tomb, although you'll find the information about it all around the empire, you still couldn't enter nor find it in the Waste. Maybe Sierra's guys will focus on them in the next sequel of Antara. Hope they do...



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