Leisure Suit Larry 3 Walkthrough

Look at the binoculars on the left side. Look at plaque in the middle of the screen, exit plaque. Walk right. Follow the pointing finger. Go right twice. Go right, follow pointing finger, enter building. Go right, south. Look at girl, talk to girl several times. Leave girl. Walk to your house. Open mailbox, look in mailbox, get envelope, close mailbox. Go right, get wood, go to beach. Look at girl, talk to girl, give her credit card, get knife. Go left, sharpen knife on stairs. Go to Chip N' Dales.

Stand in the middle of the grass patch, cut grass with knife, weave grass. Carve wood. Look at wood. Go to cabana. Walk into left booth and put on grass skirt. Go to the beach. Return to cabana, enter left booth and put on suit. Drink water from fountain and get soap near the sink. Return to the beach. Get towel, use towel. Go to the casino.

Walk north, left. Look at mirror. Walk left. Talk to man, show pass and enter the ticket number from the corresponding page in the manual. Pay man. Knock on door, move away from door. After Cherri comes out, look at girl, talk to her several times. Ask her about land. Go to the lawyer's office (DCH).

Ask Roger about deed. Ask Suzi about deed. Ask Roger about deed, leave building so that the doors close all the way and reenter. Ask Roger about deed. Go to casino. Knock on Cherri's door. On stage: Dance. Without changing clothes, go to DCH. Ask Roger about divorce. Pay man. Cartoon with Suzi. Ask Roger about divorce, leave building so that the doors close all the way and reenter. Ask Roger about divorce. Go to casino.

Open backstage door and put on suit. Look at decree. Look at card. Look at back of card, write down corresponding page numbers in the manual to the stores it lists (locker combination). Go to Fat City. Open door on left. Go to locker 69, it's mostly hidden in the middle to the left. Look at locker numbers to help you find the correct locker. Open locker, use three numbers from the back of the card. Wear sweats, close locker. Enter room on the right. There are four exercises that you must do. Do each until you get a "Congratulations" message. The number of reps you need to do is random from 19 to over 200, but number of reps is the same for each exercise. Exit weight room, go to locker and open it. Put on towel, close locker and enter left door. Walk to top of screen and turn on shower. Use soap. Turn off shower. Return to locker, open it. Dry off. Use deodorant. Leave locker room and open door to north room. Talk to girl several times. Help Bambi with video. Go to outside of Chip N' Dales.

Enter cave to the left. SAVE. Walk towards edge on the left and get flowers. Make lei. Go to casino. Go to lounge (right at top of ramp). Sit on barstool nearest Patti and look at her. Talk to her several times. Show her divorce decree. Give her lei. Ask her to date. Go to Comedy Hut. Talk to Al at the bottom left table. Sit at the middle table. Get wine. Sit through entire comedy act. Go to casino and upon entering, go right to the elevators. Press button. Once in the elevator, type "nine". Walk to bed, pour wine.

Go behind the screen and get panties, get hose, get bra, get dress. Get wine bottle. Go to the lounge. Get tips from on top of the piano. Get marker near entrance on board. Go to Chip N' Dales, talk to man, pay man. Sit down. Once Dale starts dancing, throw panties at Dale. Once he walks into the crowd, talk to Dale. Exit Chip N' Dales, go right. SAVE. Walk through bamboo forest following the tune in the manual. Use the first letter of each word and follow that direction (N=north, S=south, E=east, W=west). Once you start staggering, drink water. Finish maze. SAVE. Go to edge of river and drink water. Walk north. Remove hose. Tie hose to rock. Get plants. Weave marijuana. Climb tree, get coconuts, climb down. Throw rope across chasm. Tie rope to tree. Rip dress. Cross chasm. SAVE. Walk north on left side. Remove bra. Put coconuts in bra. SAVE. Walk towards river and once you see the pig, throw bra with coconuts on pig. Walk north. SAVE. Walk into water, towards log. Push log. Get on log. SAVE. The river is an arcade sequence, save frequently, avoid all obstacles in river. Use marker. Walk north. Look around for fun. Walk right. Pull plug. Walk right.


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