Mystery House Walkthrough

To see inventory, type inventory. To save, type save game. If it tells you it's dark, light candle.

  • Go stairs, open door, go door
  • Take note, read note, drop note
  • South, get candle, north
  • West, open cabinet, look cabinet, get matches, close cabinet
  • Light candle, open refrigerator, look refrigerator, take pitcher, close refrigerator
  • Look sink, get butterknife, water on, get water, east, save
  • East, take note, read note, drop note
  • Open door, east, south, look body
  • Open door, go door, look room, pour water, look hole, take key, north, save
  • Go stairs, west, go door, look body, go door, west, go door, take note, read note, drop note
  • Go door, east, east, east, go door, take dagger, go door
  • East, go door, look body, go door, west, west, save
  • North, go stairs, take hammer, go door, unlock chest, open chest, look chest, get gun
  • Go door, go stairs, north, go door, use butterknife, take picture, press button, east
  • Look body, take towel, go door, north, south, south, go stairs, save
  • West, move cabinet, break wall, go hole, go stairs, south
  • Look body, take key, go hole, north, up, look telescope, down, down, save, north, north, north, north, up, open door, up, save
  • East, go stairs, north, go stairs, open trapdoor, climb ladder
  • Kill daisy, with gun
  • Take note, read note, drop note
  • Go trapdoor, go stairs, north, go door, go wall, down, down, remove algae, take brick, get jewels, north, go stairs, go hole, east, unlock door, open door, north, go stairs


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