Outpost Walkthrough

The secret of playing this game is that you have to build a mine down 4 levels, then goto the next mine and do it again, then the next, and the next, etc....

Keep a watch in the materials in the storage tanks, while advancing a turn. If they go up, you are doing OK, if not you need another mine. Also, keep a watch on the amounts of MinA, and MinC in the tanks. If they are low, DON'T BUILD ROBOTS or RESEARCH till their levels get up again. Otherwise you will run out and really get stuck. Also, don't build a zillion buildings at once, as their construction also takes up these critical materials.

To get started, here are a few 'undocumented steps' You HAVE to bulldoze a square prior to building anything on it (excent mines)

  1. To build a structure, you HAVE to have a tube connecting it to another area that has air and power.
  2. To make people happy, you have to build housing in the underground areas. To do this you bulldoze an area on the surface that is next to a tube. Put the digger here, wait a few turns and you have access to the underground. Now bulldoze TWO or more adjacent squares. Place a tube junction in the center one, and you can build housing (or other underground structures) in these squares.
    WARNING!!!! If you decide to go down another level, and you start diggin on the existing air shaft, it will STOP WORKING for the current level till you are done digging down to the next level.
  3. Ignore the lay out of the rebel colony, You CANNOT build much of that stuff, and cannot build buildings adjacent to each other like they do.

Some other things that I have noticed...You cannot see disasters taking place unless you have the animations turned on. It still doesn't seem that disasters actually do anything.

There is an Explorer animation that I have seen. I assume this means that they are out there, but I don't know for sure.

As for trucks... It seems that the materials can get from the first mine to the smelter without building any trucks. However, a another mine some distance away, might not be able to get the materials to the smelter till you build a truck.


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