Quest for Glory III Walkthrough


Fighter Tips - add more points to Strength, Vitality, Weapon Use and Parry skills. Practice Spear Throwing and Wrestling daily. Fight monsters in the savannah to build up skills.

Magic User Tips - add more points to your Intelligence, Agility, and Magic skills. Talk with Kreesha for information about magic. Open the gift the Sultan gives you, use hand icon on wrapping paper after you open gift. Get magic wood from giant tree in the jungle. You also can gain a spell from wooing another magic user later in the game.

Thief Tips - add more points to your Agility, Vitality, Luck, Stealth and Lock Picking skills. Click thief sign on about everyone (click talk on self). Buy lessons from rope seller.

Paladin Tips - you must import a paladin character from QFG2. You gain magical skills as you complete honorable deeds. The more good deeds you do, the more skills you will acquire.

How to become a Paladin - You must become one through your actions. Only a Fighter can become a Paladin, and to do so you must concentrate on doing things honorably. Talk to Rakeesh about Paladins. Do good deeds wherever and whenever you can, and be polite. Always choose the most honorable way to do something. Your actions will eventually be rewarded.



The Thief - Catch him. Run after him (most honorable), knock over fruit (fighter), use spells, or throw daggers (thief). When you encounter him again (marketplace at night), talk to him, give him food. Offer him money.

The Welcome Inn - Get meals, sleep here. Talk and flirt with Janna, talk to the survivor when he comes in, look at bulletin board.

The Apothecary - Talk to him, bargain pills from him. Get him items he needs for dispel potion (water from Pool of Peace, fruit from magic tree and fruit from venomous vines) and then bargain the potion. Magic users need 3 dispel potions, others need 2 dispel potions. Tell him about your past.

Kreesha's House - Get information. Magic users: she'll teach you magic if you bring her magic wood from the great tree.

The Hall of Judgment & King's Chambers - only need to go there when asked to (automatic). Act honorably and polite.

The Temple of Sekhmet - Talk with priestess. Get gem from magic tree and return for judgement. Answer questions honestly.

Bazaar - There are four screens in the bazaar. Talk to all merchants and tell them about your past. You need to change your money first. Bargain fruit, 5 zebra skins, waterskins, fine dagger, fine spear, throwing daggers (thief), tinderbox, honey, oil (thief), beads, fish, rope, meat, robe. Give Katta merchant the note from Sheema, tell him about Shapier. Buy leopard sculpture from him. Leave the drummer a tip. To buy items, use money on merchant or talk on yourself and choose buy item. Bargain for goods by selecting make offer on the purchase window. Thieves should show thieves' sign to merchants.

The City Gates - East of Kreesha's House. Talk to the guards. The gates are always open, except in times of war. Once they are closed, they will not open until you stop the war at its source.


Simbani Village

The Laibon - Talk to him. When fighter's skills are high enough, give him dino tusk (fight one in savannah) to go through initiation to become a Simbani Warrior. Pay his asking price for a bride (5 zebra skins, fine spear and robe). Thief can steal here.

Uhura - she's in her hut at night, talk to her. She'll help you with the bridge and spear throwing.

Spear Throwing - Magic users don't need to do anything here. Thieves can practice dagger throwing. Fighters and Paladins practice spear throwing.

The Wrestling Bridge - Magic users don't need to do anything here. Thieves can practice acrobatic skills. Fighters and Paladins practice the bridge alone and with Uhura.

The Cage Area - Play Awari with Yesufu. Talk to him. Make friends with Yesufu. Talk to storyteller here. Prisoner will arrive after: learning magic staff spell (magic user), exploring jungle up to waterfall (thief), being challenged by Uhura at spear throwing (fighter/paladin).

The prisoner in the cage - Use dispel potion on him. Tell Laibon about her. Buy her for bride. Give her beads, leopard statue and fine dagger. Open cage for her to escape. Wander around jungle and when you have someone following you, call out. Talk to her, tell her about drum, romance, yourself.

Warrior Initiation - For fighters/paladins. Build up skills at spear throwing and wrestling bridge. Talk to Laibon about initiation, give him dino tusk. Ring catching: use a variation on what he does, climb tree. Thorns: use log. When Yesufu falls, help him. Throw spears, throw before the center on moving target. Bridge: use counter jumps Uhura taught you.


Savannah and Jungle

The Savannah - Fight monsters to improve skills. Can make campfire and sleep.

Honeybird - When you see the honeybird, follow it to the screen with the beehive. Place honey on ground, leave and return to screen, walk near bird, get feather. Give feather to apothecary.

Venomous Vines - in rock mound southeast of Tarna. Make sure you have poison cure pills. Leave and return to screen until meerbat gets caught by vines. Magic user: use force bolt on vines, fetch fruit. Thief: use grappling hook, might have to fight vines. Fighter: fight vines with sword. Leave screen and return, get fruit and opal. Use poison cure pill. Give fruit to apothecary.

Pool of Peace - can sleep here safely. Fill waterskins. Magic user - cast detect, dip blue flower in pool when the moon shines on it.

The Jungle - Can fight monsters to build skills. Can make campfire and sleep. Magic user can find blue flower.

The Giant Tree - Walk up path, take first path on right. Talk to the entity, take one gem only. Entity will tell magic users how to get magic wood. Leave and continue higher. Refills mana, stamina and health completely. Can sleep here. Stand on platform and pour water from the pool of peace on platform.


Leopardman Village

To find - Walk through the jungle. When you get a message that you're being watched, call out. Show her magic drum (fighter/paladin), others talk to her. She can teach magic user and thief with mage skills a new spell.

Getting in to leader's hut (thief) - Attach rope to grappling hook. Feed black leopard. Use grapple hook on hut, cross. Feed monkey, open monkey cage. Get spear, leave and cross back.

Leader and Magic User - Cast summon staff, reversal, calm, force bolt, juggling lights, lightning ball, levitate in the contest. Use dispel potion on him once he's possessed.


The Lost City

To find - after the peace conference, walk to the jungle and talk to Manu. Follow him to his village. Magic user, use levitate, thief use grappling hook or climb, fighter: climb or talk to Manu about swingline and ask him to send one down. Persuade Manu to take you to the Lost City.

Waterfall - Talk to Manu about crossing. Tell him about crossing (all topics but hi & bye). Thief use grappling hook, fighter use rope or vines and have Manu help you, magic user use vines or rope, levitate and Manu.

Entering the Lost City - Use opal in jackal's eye. Magic user - fetch opal from statue.

Demon guards - fight, sneak past or calm guards and open door. Take healing pills/mana pills before opening door.

Possessed Reeshaka - use dispel potion.

Demon counterpart - fight.



Magic User - Cast reversal. Cast calm when inflamed. Cast magic staff and shoot the demon, cast trigger when he has staff. Cast force bolt on orb.

Thief - Climb left pillar. Use grapnel hook on pillar just across chasm (back). Use grapnel on frontmost pillar (rightmost). Use grapnel on demon wizard.

Fighter - Fight gargoyle, knock it over, throw spear of death at Wizard. Use shield on gate orb.

Paladin - Fight gargoyle, knock it over. Throw flaming sword at wizard. Hit statue with shield, hit orb with shield.


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