Space Quest AGI Walkthrough

Whenever you hear footsteps, find somewhere to hide like an elevator. Go west, look at screen. Look at man, talk to man. Walk to keyboard, type astral body. Take cartridge. Walk west, west. Search body, take keycard. Walk east, take elevator down. Walk north through blasted doorway. Exit room, walk east, take elevator down. Walk east. Press button on control panel marked open bay door. Walk east to elevator, use keycard on elevator. Push both buttons, get gadget and flight suit from closets. Walk around barrier, look at control panel. Press airlock button and enter airlock chamber, enter docking bay. Press platform button on console. Walk to left side, get in, close door. Buckle seat belt, look at console. Push power button. Pull throttle. Press autonav button.

Get survival kit, open it. Unbuckle seat belt, get out. Stand in front of ship and take glass. SAVE. Walk southeast, southeast, southeast. Walk up ramp, follow it north, west. Walk across bridge to large boulder. Stand behind the boulder, SAVE. Push boulder when spider droid is directly under the boulder (between two green patches). Walk west, follow trail. Step between two columns. Take rock, follow cavern to west. Walk around grate towards back. Put rock in geyser. Exit north. Walk around rocks and exit west behind rocks. Walk near beams and use glass. Walk up ramp, exit to east. SAVE. Walk carefully between drops, exit east. Look at gadget, turn it on. Walk east. Follow trail back across bridge and down ramp. Exit north. SAVE. Enter cave, throw water at Orat. Get piece of Orat. Return to underground chamber, drop Orat piece before the alien's image, enter portal. Look at panel on back wall. Insert cartridge in data cartridge reader. Remember destruct code. Get cartridge. Turn key on skimmer, SAVE, dodge boulders. (SAVE often, restore).

Walk around, refuse offer of 30 buckazoids. Accept offer of jetpack and 30 buckazoids. Enter bar. Walk to right side of bar, order beer, drink three. Remember space sector that you overhear. Go to slot machine and win at least $250. SAVE after each win, RESTORE after each lose. Exit bar, walk west. Walk north. Buy spaceship with ladder. Walk east, east. Enter Droids B Us. The droid you want is upstairs on right. He's the pilot. Buy droid, return to ship. Climb ladder, get in, look at ship. Press load button. Go to sector overheard at the bar.

Put on jetpack, exit ship. Fly to door. Look at door, turn handle. Go into airlock, hide by side of door, wait for droid to appear, move by him through door. Move to right of trunk and push trunk. Open trunk, put jetpack inside trunk. Close trunk, stand on top of it. Open vent. Enter vent. Climb up ladder, to next shaft. Crawl east, kick open vent, open vent, exit east. Open washing machine, get in. Open door. Look in pocket. Exit east, talk to Sarien. East, down elevator, talk to Sarien guard outside Empty Room. Go back outside laundry room, enter left elevator. Exit elevator, walk east. Exit room to the west, west, take elevator up. Walk east, east, east. Show ID to droid. While he's gone, grab grenade from counter. Get gun, exit west. Stand directly over the Star Generator guard and throw grenade. Return to armory, get another grenade. West, west, SAVE, west, fire pulseray at guard. Return to Star Generator, search body. Get remote control, press button. Walk up stairs, look at control panel, enter self destruct code (6858), hit enter. Walk west, take first elevator down. Take elevator on right, quickly move to space ship and get in ship. Look at ship. Press launch button.


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