Space Quest III Walkthrough

From your pod head south. Head east. Stand near conveyer belt. Stand, jump. Walk west, west, west. Stand over machine on rail, get in grabber. Move west over middle chute, stop grabber, stand. Walk down chute. Walk west, look in hole, get reactor. Climb ladder, get ladder. Walk north, east, east. Get wire (first set), walk east. Walk west, west, south, east, stand near conveyer, stand, jump, west, west, west, get in grabber, stand, down chute, west, look in hole, get reactor, get wire. Put ladder in original spot, climb, get ladder. Walk north, east, east, east. SAVE. Walk near broken eye of head, climb. Walk to side of ship, drop ladder, climb, SAVE. Walk to hatch, open hatch, look around. Use diagnostic computer, install reactor, install wire, use diagnostic computer. Exit, climb, get ladder. Climb big ladder up. West to pod. Look at motivator, get motivator. Walk south, east, up conveyor, stand, jump, west to grabber, get in grabber, move west, stop at next screen just past front right pole. Look at controls, push button. If you didn't pick up motivator, move grabber and try again. Move east until you turn, stop by rightmost pole. Press button. If motivator didn't land in ship, press button to retrieve motivator, move grabber and try again.

Return west to chute, go down chute. Drop ladder, climb, get ladder. Walk north, east to head, climb head, drop ladder, climb, walk to hatch, open hatch. Use diagnostic computer. Sit. Use computer. Press 7, 1, 3, 8, F, space bar. Search seat. Use computer, press 2, 1 until it shows Phleebhut, 2, 5. Press 3 to land. Stand, push button. SAVE. Walk east, east, north, enter store. Look at case, look at stones, sell orium. Haggle for $425. Buy orat-on-a-stick, Astro Chicken hat, underwear, leave store, SAVE. There are two ways to kill Terminator.

  1. Walk south, east, south. If Terminator is here, restore and try again. Walk left and right until his footsteps are following you. Walk under pod cave, but do NOT walk directly below the pods. Change direction to east so Terminator sill walk under pods. Use stick to get his belt. Walk east to ship.
  2. Walk west, east into leg. Step on elevator, press button. Quickly go east, up stairs. Position yourself north of the foreground pulley (leftmost). When Terminator comes up, wait until he passes near the gears, grab the pulley. Get melt from him. Go down elevator, walk south, south, west.

Walk up stairs to ship, sit, use computer, press 1, 3. Use computer, press 2, 1 until it shows Monolith Burgers, 2, 5. Walk west, walk to clerk, look at menu, order 7, Q. Pay. Go to empty table, sit, eat, stand. SAVE. Walk to video machine, look at machine, insert buckazoid. Play until you receive secret message. Try to land chicken 10 times in one game. Use ring, decode message. Walk east, east, enter ship. Use computer, press 1, 2, 1 until it shows Ortega, 5. 3 to land. Stand, wear underwear. Push button. Walk south, west, SAVE, south. Wait until men leave, look through telescope, get pole, get detonator from crate. Walk east, east, north, north on right behind rocks, west, east (at top), climb ladder. SAVE. Walk close to edge, drop detonator. Go to ladder, climb down, west, south, south, south, west, west, north. Use pole, east, north, get in ship. Sit, use computer, press 1, 3. Use computer, press 2, 1 until it shows Pestulon, 5. 3 to land. Stand, push button, SAVE, walk east. Wear belt, after men leave building, use belt, enter scumsoft. Quickly walk down stairs, press button.

Walk north until you see doorway on left, enter door. Get uniform, exit closet. Walk south until you see door on right, enter door. Stand near all trash cans and vaporize as you walk. Walk left at bottom passageway, walk down to picture on the wall, get picture, copy picture, replace picture. Walk north, east. Walk down and around to go north on right upper passageway. Walk north around office and east, look at ship. Walk west, enter office, get keycard on desk, leave office and room. Walk north until you see locked doorway on right. Use keycard, use picture, enter room. Press button, walk to guys, vaporize. SAVE. Punch out Elmo. After receive warning about approaching ships, use computer, go to attack speed, select weapons system. Watch display and when enemy is in front, activate front shields, if in the rear, activate back shields. After tracking message, move crosshairs onto enemy ship and receive locked message, press spacebar, repeat to destroy four ships.


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