Shivers Two Walkthrough

You're looking for 12 Bahos sticks to place them on the Kiva at the Canyon. You must solve puzzles to receive Bahos sticks. Once you get a Bahos, head straight for the canyon and find the matching petroglyph on the walls. Rearrange the tiles to complete the picture (they're shown). Then find the stairs up (in the canyon) to the Kiva. Click on the skeleton to open the door and find the altar. Place the Bahos on the matching slot (same as petroglyph).

Read note, pay for room, take change. Get gum from ashtray on counter. Behind the counter read note in box #6. Call phone number from letter (555-6321). Read letter on the counter. Look in drawers under counter where letter is, take pottery piece, look at blade and open bible to read note. Watch tv, but put gum on red light at upper left corner (watching tv without gum will transport you). Watch the tv until you receive Dark Cloud's message. Look at items on the wall. Get batteries from vending machine once you have $2.75. Get first Bahos stick by ringing the bell on the counter next to the box.

Motel Lobby Petroglyph

Listen and save your phone messages. Call 555-6331. Listen to all the radio stations. Open trunk with key, look at all items, take video tape. Watch video on tv. Notice griffin above dresser. Later a Bahos stick will be in bottom dresser drawer (after you call Dark Cloud and he tells you to get Bahos).

Motel Room #5 Petroglyph

Get crowbar from floor. Look at picture in trash can. Look through wallet on the dresser. Later a chess piece will appear in a dresser drawer.

Look at everything. Listen and save phone messages. Look at calendar in bottom desk drawer. Chess pieces will later appear, you place them in the drawer of the table by looking at them with the eye to see where they go. Get screwdriver & note. Use screwdriver to unlock desk drawer and get the gas can inside. Use gas can on pump outside to obtain diesel fuel. In the garage is an air compressor. Flip the switch, turn handle so that air pressure is 230psi and then use other lever across the garage to lift the car. Get notebook from under the car, read it, take key from inside.

Click on the puzzle to the left of the door, solve it to enter. Listen to all phone messages & save. Get music box from counter and look at it with the eye. Enter back room, go to oven, push down red handle and open oven door. Number donuts from left to right, 1 to 10. Move #4 to #1, move #6 to #9, move #8 to #3, move #2 to #5, move #10 to #7.

Bakery Petroglyph

Click on spinning pole, get note from bottom of pole. Solve sliding door puzzle to enter. Look at pictures on the wall, put gum on tv and watch until you get Dark Cloud's message. Listen and save phone messages. Note coin and button on floor near statue. Click on barber chair and click on doll. Click on basin and solve puzzle. Move F R L R F L F R L R R R R L L F R F F R R R L F R L L F F L F F L L L R L F.

Barber Shop Petroglyph

Look at pictures on wall, one turns over with a note inside backing. Look at menu on counter, take disk. Get flower from vase on counter. Look at pottery piece and plaque. Enter kitchen, take note from doll on stove. On wall near door, take keys. Enter office, listen and save phone messages. Read book on desk and note inside. Open drawers and look at papers and photos.

Use keys to open. Read notebook in the oven. Get chess piece from toucan's mouth in bedroom. Open dresser drawer, read note and photo. Go to basement, look at photo on end table. Get cassette player from blue suitcase. Click on big green bat hanging, solve puzzle for a Bahos.

Bat Puzzle Solution

Pearl's House Petroglyph

Look at donation box, use key from notebook to open it, read note. Click on pulpit. Go to office, notice shoes. Listen and save phone messages. Open drawers, look at checkbook, dynamite, take pottery piece. Look at picture on wall. Solve bingo ball puzzle. Click on balls: 6 3 8 6 3 7 5 3 7 5 3 2 1 4 6 7.

Church Petroglyph

Use matching bar you found and place in slot in puzzle. Look at paper from CD case to arrange bars. Inside, approach band area, take tape in cymbals. In sound studio area, get notebook. Look inside van. Solve marble puzzle in wooden crate. Number the top 1 - 7 from left to right and down from A - G. Move marbles: 6G - 3G, 1F - 1C, 2A - 5A, 7F - 7G, 7G - 6G, 7B - 7F, 6E - 7E (free), 7E - 7B, 2C - 2D (free), 2D - 1D, 1D - 1F, 5D - 5E, 5E - 7E (free), 2B - 2D (free), 3B - 3C (free), 5B - 2B, 2B -2A, 5F - 5B, 5B - 2B, 4C - 4B, 3F - 5F, 6F - 6D, 6D - 5D, 6C - 6E, 3C - 6C, 3D - 3B, 2D - 3D, 2E - 2C, 4E - 4F (free), 6E - 1E, 6C - 6F, 6B - 6E, 6E - 4E, 4B - 6B, 5A - 5B, 2C - 6C, 2F - 2C, 2C - 4C, 4F - 2F, 3G - 3F, 1E - 2E, 1C - 2C, 7E - 6E.

Warehouse Petroglyph

Get chess piece from card catalogue. Go downstairs to the left. Click on right bookcase, take book that falls & read. Go upstairs, look at display cases and plaques. Read newspapers. Read books you can from shelves. Return to middle floor. Face books and go around the right side of the book shelves, climb ladder and look in hole. Return back and look at locked door. Use 4 pottery pieces you have and the note from the church donation box to open the door. Take key, look at hole in picture on wall.

Take quarter on floor near soda machine. Click on tiles by windowsill, get token from loose tile. Use token on soda machine, get decoder and decode info from bank computer. Look at snake tank on counter, leave and return later and when snake is gone, click on yellow dish in tank, to get combination to cash register, which you open to get pottery piece. Listen and save phone messages. Notice skeleton in cooler and the bracelet it wears. Solve egg puzzle on other side of the cooler for a Bahos. Number the tray at the top 1 - 7 from left to right and down from A - G. Move egg: 1A - 1D, 1D - 2D, 2D - 7D, 7D - 7B, 7B - 1B, 1B - 3B, 3B - 6B, 6B - 6E, 6E - 6G, 6G - 3G, 3G - 3D, 3D - 3A, 3A - 5A, 5A - 5E, 5E - 2E, 2E - 7E, 7E - 7G

Phil's Market Petroglyph

Solve puzzle to enter. Press 8, 1, 2, pause, 7, 5, 0, pause, 6, 4, 3. Enter, go right, click on puzzle on wall. Number the tiles 1 to 6 from top to bottom and move them: 5RU, 6URD, 5D, 7DD, 3DD, 1R, 2DDRUU, 3UUU, 4UUURD, 3DR. (R=right, L=left, U=up, D=down). Note animal pictures in the room. Listen and save phone messages. Look at two papers on floor. Piece together note in trash can behind desk.

S&L Torn Up Letter

Behind desk, open safe with animal pictures: 1 tiger, 5 hyenas, 4 elephants, 3 impalas and 5 zebras. Get pottery piece, look at book and note in safe. Click on computer, insert disk. User name: LYLE, password: AIVILO. Read note and get code: KOJDSQTAWULLPOBSCLKMMCTE. Use decoder from soda machine with code to get DAYOFHERDEATH (Norah's death... August 22, 1992). Note number and letter on vault door. Get book from safe, turn to the page number and use your decoder card from the recipe box from Burt's trailer and turn the notch in the card the direction of the letter (north, etc). This is vault combination. In vault, use 2 safe deposit box keys and unlock box 32B. Get sand and video. View video in your motel room. Back on the desk, smash pottery with hammer to receive Bahos.

S&L Petroglyph

Before entering, use crowbar to pry away the metal skirting and get key from box. Inside, look at dart board. Read note by grocery bag. In bedroom, read note under can. Look at Norah's painting, turn it around and get matches. Get a half piece of fake lanyi from cupboard in kitchen. Get decoder card from recipe box in another cupboard. Look at the 3 items by front door on floor. After you get torch from mine and matches, open wardrobe in living room and use fire to shoe away bees. Solve rolling cube puzzle to get a Bahos. Turn the block over remembering to leave a blank in the center.

Burt's Trailer Petroglyph

Read two missing persons reports in basket on desk, look at attached items. Listen and save phone messages. Look at the accident report in the file cabinet. Click on broken radio. Read bulletin board. Enter card room (behind swinging doors) and get key from bull skull. Look at jail cell door, note number in center. Use key to unlock desk drawer, get book, turn to page from cell door, note symbols. Return to cell door and position the pictures as in the book. Look at Burt's message on the wall. Look at bucket of sand and magazine on bed. Get chess piece from table. Return to card room and play card puzzle for a Bahos. Press green button to start. Place the cards on the table and note where you placed each card. They'll turn over and switch places 5 times. Note which cards switched and when asked choose the correct card.

Sheriff's Office Petroglyph

Read two headstones. Go to statue with wings, insert rose in receptacle and click her toes from left to right, all 10. Take bar and paper from CD case. Go to mausoleum. Look at headstone. Complete picture puzzle by rotating and moving the pieces.

Cemetery Puzzle

Take key for Max's cave after being told by Norah's ghost that he has been here. Norah prompts you to choose your enemy, choose open book symbol.

Get key from odd colored rock and use it on the gate. Solve puzzle on the door, day of her death (8-22-1992) backwards: 2, 9, 9, 1, 2, 2, 8. Look at books on the shelf, pictures and things in work area. Place music box on the table to the right of the computer keyboard then click on it. Click on the keyboard, it will type Norah's message to Max. Return to mausoleum to get key, use it on inside door. Look at things on table, take broken half of real lanyi.

Get in elevator and go down. Go forward, left towards dark area, left, forward, forward and right to the south tunnel, forward, right to the west tunnel, forward, enter west tunnel, forward, take torch, turn all the way around, you should see a ladder next to the east tunnel, go up ladder and complete picture puzzle. Refer to your flashback and book of symbols for what each symbol looks like, press them in that exact order. Travel across the divide by pulley car and go up the stairs to the back door of the kiva. Get Bahos stick in the elevator and take to kiva.

Mine Petroglyph

All 12 Bahos sticks should be placed correctly in the altar. In your inventory, the tape player, batteries and tape should be combined. You should also have in inventory: bottle of ceremonial sand, fake lanyi, real lanyi. Go to the kiva (the back way through the mine). Place tape player over the black hole and let it play Dark Cloud's chant for the spirit. SAVE GAME. Place ceremonial sand over the sand painting on the floor. Insert the fake lanyi in its place on the altar, when Dark Cloud bends down to speak to the spirit, grab the fake half and replace it with the real half (with white markings). Complete final puzzle quickly. Direct the beam of light through all the crystals.

Endgame Crystal Puzzle


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