How to get Windows SCI Games
to run in Windows XP

Sound Issues:
You might encounter audio issues with your old games.

Timer Issues:
Timer related errors can occur on computers faster than those of when the games were originally released.

  • DOSBox. Windows 3x can now be installed in DOSBox to handle Sierra's 16-bit Windows games. By playing your game in DOSBox, you can avoid timer problems.
  • New patches by fans like NewRisingSun and Enrico Rolfi addresses the speed issues. NewRisingSun has developed script level timer bugs patches several of the many Sierra timer bugs. These fixes take care of some of the most exasperating bugs in Sierra gaming and eliminate the need for older unreliable workarounds such as using a Slow Down Utility.
  • Though unreliable, you can try using an old standby -- a Slow Down Utility, such as Turbo, for timer bugs


Game Launch Issues:

Installation Issues:
You might encounter install problems.


  • BAT file problems. XP seems to have problems when you just double click on some .bat files. So open up a command prompt and run it from there. Other times, old batch file may contain commands that are not supported by modern Windows.


  • DO NOT let the setup check your system! This can cause the installer to crash. (Note since this is XP, only the installer itself crashes, but it won't let you start another instance of the Sierra installer until you restart.)
  • Hidden setup. Sierra setup v. has a problem in XP, where the setup window does not appear. Switch to Classic Windows Theme or use this tool.


  • You might have to add a


    line to some of your Sierra SCI DOS games' "RESOURCE.CFG" file.

  • Right clicking on a link in XP's Start Menu will not bring up the VDMSound option.  You have to browse to the folder the game is in and actually right click on the Bat or .exe that starts it.

If all else fails, you may have to resort to a vitualizer with an older version of Windows installed in it.


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