Betrayal at Krondor Cheats

This takes a bit of explaining but I haven't seen it anywhere else and it's worth it... Items that are bundled in multiples, like arrows, food, potions, 'mana' crystals, etc. can be "magically" refilled as long as you have two (2) 'portions' of that multiple- grouped item remaining in inventory, and a 'alternate' staff for Owen. Just place Owen's staff in a word-lock chest (empty or otherwise). You can't 'convince' him to part with his staff unless you have a spare though. Then add items to the chest at will ('multiple-class' or otherwise) until it's 'full'. This trick only works if the chest is 'full', and this 1st step is just to determine that chest's limit. Take one small item back out. Next, pick a 'numbered' item (e.g. food), give ALL but one (1) portion to a partner and place one (1) portion in the chest. The chest is now 'full' again. Now, have your partner give you back all but one (1) portion and have him put that one (1) portion into the 'full' chest. The 'bundled' item in the chest is now "magically" maxed out again. If you do this with magic- arrows (one of the most valuable items in the game) you can end up with a whole chest 'full' of maximum #'d bundles of magic-arrows (except for the staff of course), which you can then SELL. If you make your way as soon as possible to the hilltop monastery with enough cash to buy a staff for Owen (or can pick up the free lightning staff at the riddle house) you can buy a ton of spells and leave the monastery with more cash than you can carry.

Hold down ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + ~ for 3 seconds, then type: 0194 To strengthen yourself a bit, here's another trick. On your way to Elvandar in Chapter 6, there's a well which, when you add Fadamor's Formula to it, can increase your characters' strengths by three points -- permanently. To find it, follow the main road to Elvandar. Just before the road dead-ends, you should find the well (use spyglass of Ishap). The trick is that when you use the well with the formula, it takes all of the formula you have with you so that you can only do the strengthen trick once. But if you leave all but one dose in the bag in front of the well, use the well, then take another dose from the bag, you can use the well again. Every time you repeat this process, both Owyn's and Gorath's strength increases by three.

Kill an Enemy:
Fill it's body up until you can only fit on more item on it, eg. Armor uses four spaces. Make sure the the empty space only uses one. Now put ONE item of numerical value in that spot. Go back you your inv. Now put ONE more on the body and it will ask if you want to transfer 24 or something.


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