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A lot of different things fall under this category. The most common is Cheat Codes. These are secret codes typed in while playing or while at a menu in the game. This will give you invulnerability, all weapons, more money etc. In the beginning these codes were left in the game by the programmers for easier betatesting, but have lately more and more become a regular "feature" like any other option.(ie. in "Turok: Dinosaur Hunter" there is even a menu option for the Cheatcodes)

Command-Line Shortcut
If you've ever come across a cheat that asked you to add a string to the end of a game's shortcut (such as "-console"), this is what's commonly called a Command-Line Shortcut. In order to make this change, follow these instructions:

  1. Press "Start" and navigate to the icon (or shortcut) for the game.
  2. Right-click on the icon for the game, then select properties.
  3. In the "Target" box you'll find the location of the game (ie: "C:\Program Files\Game\Game.exe"). This is where the change needs to be made.
  4. Add the Command-Line Shortcut to the end of this line (ie "C:\Program Files\Game\Game.exe" -console).
  5. Once you make the change, select OK to save.

Important Note: If your "Target" has quotations around it, make sure you put the Command-Line Shortcut outside of the quotations (as shown above). Quotations will only be present if your game resides in a folder or sub-folder that has a space in it's name (ie: "Program Files"). Simply place the Command-Line Shortcut at the end of the "Target" line if no quotations exist (ie: C:\Game\Game.exe -console).

DexDrive Save
The DexDrive allows you to transfer Console savegame data from your memory card to your PC's hard drive. With this device you can download savegames from the Internet and use them with your own game. Most times these savegames open up the entire game for play or have been "edited" to increase the player's statistics.

Easter Eggs
This is something extra that the programmers have hidden in the software that is usually activated by some sort of secret code or series of commands. Easter eggs usually do not provide advantages in the game, but are more of "Jokes" the author included for fun. These can range from hidden pictures of the author to changing the appearance of the character you're playing. Some Sierra Easter Eggs can be found here.

This is usually a small program that allows the user to modify files saved from the game. These can be saved games, or .ini files containing game-specific information. An editor is basically a front-end for a hex cheat. Someone has created a program to do the editing for you based on user-defined criteria.

Short for (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions - a FAQ contains answers to commonly asked questions pertaining to a specific program or game. This information could be hints on problem solving, general playing tips, or just basic background info on the program itself.

This is probably the most difficult cheat to pull off. The cheat will usually contain a "hex address" and a value to change it to. You must use a hex editor in order to use the cheat. Hex editing allows you toalter the game by changing values stored in the original .EXE or data files. Always make a backup before attempting hex editing. (For more detailed info on hex editing, please read the documentation packaged with the editor).

Save Game
This is a copy of a "saved game file" from a particular game. This might be a game saved after completing a very difficult level, or simply with modified characters for easy gameplay. These files should be copied into the appropriate save-game directory of the game you are playing.

This is a text or DOC file that contains step-by-step instructions for completing a game. Mostly for adventure games.

Strategy Guide
This is more of a guide to help the player with different tactics and approaches to win the game. This is used mostlyfor strategy games and simulations, but lately also for action/multiplayer games like Quake2 and Unreal.

A 3rd party program that can either be a TSR (Terminal Stay Resident - usually used for DOS based games), or can simply remain running while your game is in progress (for Win95 based games). Trainers allow you to turn on and off certain qualities or enhancements that were not included in the original game. This could be Unlimited Lives, Unlimited Money, Invulnerability, etc. The trainer alters the original memory locations to allow you to "Cheat" where you wouldn't be able to do so without it.

If the cheat does not work:

The most frequent reason that trainers and cheats appear to be "not working" is due to incompatibility with different versions of the game. Trainers are created to alter specific memory addresses within the game. When game companies update their releases, this usually alters the memory locations and sometimes remove or change pre-programmed cheat codes. Other reasons may include unzipping the cheat into the wrong directory, etc.

Cheat Programs & Utilities

The Game Wizard comes is a shareware cheat tool that allows the user to create "tables" of data that can alter values contained in a game. These values can be "Lives," "Health," "Money," etc. The Game Wizard is required to load the GW tables that are found at The Adrenaline Vault.

The Universal Hint System is a program designed to show user-created HINTS about how to complete a game. (aka Walkthrough or Solve). The program allows users to view only the hints they need, rather than spoiling the entire game. This program is required to view files with the .uhs extension.

The Universal Game Editor is similiar to the Game Wizard. Users can save their own cheats as a "module". This file is required to use all UGE modules and all files with the .uge extension.

Cheat O´Matic
Cheat'O'Matic is a cheating tool made for Windows that allows you to search for user-defined data located in the memory locations of games. You can then change the data to suit your needs.

HexEdit v1.03
HexEdit v1.03 is a free HEX editor. A hex editor is required for "HexCheats".


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