Hero's Quest Cheat

The original EGA (TXT file) version of the game game has an built-in debug mode that can be activated and turned off simply by typing the phrase "razzle dazzle root beer" at any time. This debug mode was for programmers and beta-testers to bypass long or difficult sequences. NOTE: These codes do not work for the VGA (icon) version.

Once the debug mode is on, you can hold the ALT key, and press the key indicated, to activate a command. These commands can be use to edit your character's statistics and skills; add items to your inventory; and even teleport to almost any location in the game.

The cheat mode is automatically turned off when you exit a particular game screen. However, it is recommended that you explicitly exit it by typing the phrase before leaving the screen.

Some codes have been known to cause minor bugs and/or glitches in the game, so be careful. You have been warned!

Cheat Codes (type in the uppercase letter while holding in ALT).


Key Function Notes
Alt-V Visual normal visual mode, default
Alt-P Priority priority visual mode, use Alt-V to return to normal visual mode
Alt-C Control control visual mode, use Alt-V to return to normal visual mode
Alt-S Show cast Shows the movable things on the screen(?), like ALT-E.
Alt-M Show Memory Displays the memory status.
Alt-T Teleport Teleports you to any location in the game (see list below for room #)
Alt-I Get Inventory item Adds things into your inventory. (see Inventory Item list below)
Alt-B Set Ego's money This will set the amount of silver coins you have, up to 9911.
Alt-K Set Ego's skills Changes a skill/stat of your character (see Skill list below)
Alt-X Make Ego super sets all Skills to 80
Alt-E Display Ego status Displays your character's ego status.

Skill Commands

Code Skill/Stat numbers. (for ALT-K and all up to 9911)
00 Strength
01 Intelligence
02 Agility
03 Vitality
04 Luck
05 Weapon Use
06 Parry
07 Dodge
08 Stealth
09 Pick Locks
10 Throwing
11 Climbing
12 Magic
13 Experience Points
14 Health Points
15 Stamina Points
16 Mana Points
17 Open spell
18 Detect Magic spell
19 Trigger spell
20 Dazzle spell
21 Zap spell
22 Calm spell
23 Flame Dart spell
24 Fetch spell

Inventory Item Codes

Code Inventory Item Code Inventory Item
01 Silver Coin (type 9911 to get the most) 22 Beautiful Flower
02 Gold Coin (type 9911 to get the most) 23 Lock Pick
03 Food Ration 24 Thief's Tool Kit
04 Mandrake Root 25 Thief's Guild License
05 Large Brass Key (to Brigand fortress secret entrance) 26 Empty Flask
06 Broadsword 27 Meeps' Green Fur
07 Dagger 28 Flask of Fairy Dust
08 Leather Armor 29 Flask of Flying Water
09 Shield 30 Mushroom
10 Piece of Paper 31 Cheetaur Claw
11 Small apple 32 Troll Beard
12 Vegetable 33 Chainmail Armor
13 Glowing Gem 34 Healing Potion
14 Alabaster Vase 35 Mana Potion
15 Candelabra 36 Vigor Potion
16 Music Box 37 aa (?????)
17 Silver Candlestick 38 Dispel Potion
18 String of Pearls 39 Flask of Undead Unguent
19 Gold Ring 40 Magic Mirror
20 Spirea Seed 41 Magic Acorn
21 Small Rock    

Room Locations (for ALT-T)

Room Locations Room Locations
9 Beginning Screen 55 Inside Healer's hut
10 Erana's Garden 60 Meeps
13 Ogre outside Kobold's cave 64 Cemetery
14 Cave 1 (Kobold) 67 Fox caught in trap
15 Cave 2 (Kobold) 70 Mushroom screen
16 Seed Spitting Spirea 73 Dart board
21 Inside Baba Yaga's hut 76 Dryad
22 Outside Baba Yaga's hut/Skull 82 Outside Henry the Hermit's house
28 At bottom of Zauberberg Mountain 83 Inside Henry the Hermit's house
29 Top of Zauberberg Mountain/Outside House 84 Antwerp/Brigand secret entrance
30 Inside Erasmus's house 87 Mirror Lake
31 Inside Tower Room in Erasmus's House 88 Brigand Cave 2
32 Playing Erasmus's Magic Game 89 Brigand Cave 1
37 At Castle Gates 91 Brigand ambush
38 Left of the castle courtyard 93 Minotaur/Outside Brigand fortress
39 Castle Courtyard 94 Booby Traps screen/Inside Brigand fortress
40 Stable in the castle 95 Cafeteria/Inside Brigand Fortress
50 Goblins (This usually doesn't work and exits automatically to DOS) 96 Yorick's room/Brigand fortress
53 Heinrich Pferdefedern's farm 97 Brigand Leader's room/Brigand fortress
54 Outside Healer's hut    

11-86 (that weren't mentioned) bring you into the forest. 11 starts in the most NE corner, 1 south and 2 west of Erana's Peace, to the right of that screen is 12, and so on. When they can't go any farther to the right, they drop down to the next row.

Editing your character stats:

To edit your character stats in a saved game, you will need a hex editor with search capability and a calculator that converts decimal to hexadecimal. This works in all of the games.

  1. Look at your character sheet twice, noting your strength and inteligence. Then save the game.
  2. Open the save game file with the latest modification date in a hex editor. (The save game files are in the form of *.000, *.001, *.002 etc. In QG2, for example, the name is trialsg.)
  3. The attributes are hexadecimal numbers separated by 0's so if your strength is 200 (C8 HEX) and your inteligence is 130 (82 HEX) search for the pattern C8 00 82 00. You will find it twice. The first set is the current values of your stats and the second set is the maximum values of the status. In both cases the numbers continue something like C8 00 82 00 64 00 32 ... they map directly to the stats and skills on your character screen. Change them at will. You can do a similar technique to locate any particular stat that you want to change.

Increasing Lockpick ability Trick

Those with lockpicking skills and a lockpick or a Thieves' toolkit can use this pseudo-cheat or trick to improve their lockpicking skill very quickly.

  • Make sure your lockpicking skill is at least 40 before using this trick or you'll end up dying of cerebral hemorrhage.
  • Simply "pick nose" repeatedly. And you can even do this in broad daylight!


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