King's Quest 8: Mask of Eternity Cheat

To get into the game console mode press " shift-ctrl-7 " all at the same time. You won't be able to play the game again until you hit " shift-ctrl-7 " to exit the console. Once you are in the console you'll see a prompt asking for your password, but there's no password. Enter in all codes in lower case letters.

noConCollide - clipping mode, walk-through walls, etc.
conCollide - turns off clipping mode.

teleport: Type this and your map clears completely. Click on the current world's map and Connor will be teleported to that spot. Click somewhere high on the side of a mountain, though, and Connor could fall to his death! (This only works in the land you are in - all others go away.)

debug - crashes game.
lookup -
bump - makes Connor move a little bit forward and through walls.

god: This is the god command, it makes Connor practically invincible. He can still die from the River of Death and from falling great distances - mainly because it would have been a pain to program - so don't be too confident. However, monster's can't hurt you!

ungod: Turns God mode off.

ruth - easter egg.
welch-piel - easter egg.
oscar - easter egg.
rocket - easter egg.

The following "set" variables can also be used in the mask.cs script file for permanent usage.
set KQConner::reincarnate true/false: If you die, you come back to life instantly.
set allowAltEnter true/false: Allows you to run Mask in a window or full screen.

Gives Connor items - ie: "give silvercoins 100" will give Connor 100 gold pieces (they originally were going to be silver). You can give Connor heath items, magic items, armor, weapons , and inventory items (Rocks don't seem to work?). Some items Connor was never meant to have, and giving them may crash the game. IT MAY BE CASE SENSITIVE.

Weapons item66= LodeStone
item 0=  Dagger item67= CrystalPyramid
item 1=  SmallAx item68= BlackDiamond
item 2=  BroadSword item69= AmberGlow
item 3=  Mace item70= BasiliskTongue
item 4=  LakeSword item71= FireGem
item 5=  SkelKingSword item72= PipeCap1
item 6=  BattleAx item73= PipeCap2
item 7=  WarHammer item74= DragonKey
item 8=  Pike item75= RockKey
item 9=  LongSword item76= BlueAdamant
item10= FlameSword item77= JailKey
item11= TempleSword item78= DecipheringAmulet
item12= SmCrossbow item79= Paddle
item13= AzrielHammer item80= Feather
item14= SmCpndCBow item81= GoodSkull
item15= ShortBow item82= BadSkull
item16= LongBow item83= RoundKey
item17= CrossBow item84= SquareKey
item18= CpndCrossbow item85= Ladle
item19= FlameBow item86= hmhand
item20= IceCrossbow item87= Mask1
item21= WeeperEyes item88= Mask2
item22= DemonRocks item89= Mask3
item23= SkelBow item90= Mask4
item24= SlmSlime item91= Mask5
item25= WitchBolt item92= Piece1
item26= Lava item93= Piece2
item27= Fists item94= Piece3
item28= Icycle item95= Piece4
  item96= Scroll
Armor item97= LadyBell
item29= LeatherGloves item98= RustedLock
item30= LeatherArmor item99= KeepKey
item31= LeatherBoots item100= StoneOrder
item32= ChainMailShirt item101= MetalShaft
item33= ChainMailGloves item102= TruthKey
item34= ChainMailSuit item103= LightKey
item35= PlateMail item104= OrderKey
item36= BronzePlate item105= MarbleTablet0
item37= FullArmor item106= MaskMedalian
item38= Helmet item107= Grail
item39= TempleArmor item108= Mask3B
item40= GodArmor item109= Piece5
  item110= UniHorn
Health & Magic items item111= SpellPage
item41= Mushroom item112= Mask1A
item42= SacredWater item113= Piece1A
item43= Crystal item114= DarkPyramid
item44= ElixerOfLife item115= ShardFuse
item45= Clarity item116= MarbleTablet1
item46= Invisible item117= MarbleTablet2
item47= Invulnerable item118= MarbleTablet3
item48= Strength item119= GriffRoomKey
  item120= GriffCageKey
Inventory item121= ClockShaft
item49= RingOfDeadHero item122= HookDown
item50= Ashes item123= HookUp
item51= Candle item124= SpinningMask
item52= SilverCoins item125= Orcbow
item53= MagicMap item126= Spear
item54= RopeAndHook item127= IceShard
item55= RingOfLight item128= IceLever
item56= KeyToDeathMaze  
item57= Mold Lucreto's scepter
item58= BrokenShield item129= LucretoFire
item59= RustedBrokenShield  
item60= HearingHorn Start with no weapon or armor
item61= AntiPoisonFlower item130= NoRanged
item62= GreenMushroomPiece item131= NoArmor
item63= Rock item132= BirthdaySuit
item64= IronLock item133= Logo1
item65= OakRoot item134= Logo2


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