King's Quest MoE Help

King's Quest MoE's original requirements:

Windows 95 or greater
Pentium 166+ - Pentium II 266+ recommended
32 MB RAM - 64 MB or greater recommended
400 MB Hard drive space
4x CD-ROM Drive
DirectX 16 bit Sound Card
DirectX Graphics Card - 3DFX or D3D supported graphics Accelerator Card recommended


Game Specific Bugs

Problem - Button for Hall of Justice won't go down:
The button in the Hall of Justice in DoD won't go down no matter what. There is a well known bug with these plates. If you only place one or three rocks and save and leave this may happen.

If you place one rock and then place three later or if you place three rocks and then place one rock much later, all the plates work except war. You can only place all four rocks or two rocks at a time never do this with the odd numbers as this is the outcome.

Solution #1:
Restore to an earlier point in the game and place all four rocks the first time. If you don't have all 4 rocks, when yo first enter the room, fight what's there so that they fall on the plates instead of the rocks.

Solution #2:
Only place two rocks and then remove two and place rocks on other two plates.

Problem - Feather of Truth Lockup:
The game freezes when using the portal after getting the feather of truth in DOD

Apply the MOE13FG.EXE patch. (NOTE: You may also have to go back to a previous save before entering this Hall for the patch to work.)

Problem - Cannot Find IV50 Decompressor:
After installing Mask, you have sound with the intro, but but the display is just white with pink lines runnning diagonally across the length with a message of:

Unable to play video cannot find vids:iv50' decompressor

The setup program didn't properly install the Indeo Video Codec driver.

Solution #1:
Uninstall the game, then reinstall it again.

Solution #2:
Download and install the Indeo Video Codec drivers.

Problem - Uninstall/Reinstall Problems:
Sometimes, when you try to reinstall MoE, you might encounter a "One or more files failed to verify" error message. This is caused by installing in a non empty folder, possibly from your old MASK\SAVE folder.

If MoE will not let you reinstall the game without uninstalling, and uninstalling from The Sierra Utilities bombs with the following message:

unable to locate the installation log file, c:/sierra/mask uninst.isu'. uninstallation will not continue

The game is probably still listed in the system registry as being installed because it was not uninstalled properly.

Solution #1:
Try going to add/remove in Control Panel and see if it will allow you to uninstall it from there.

Solution #2:
Delete the entire Mask folder. Note: If you have any save games that you want to save, move the MASK\SAVE folder elsewhere for safe keeping, before deleting the Mask folder.

Solution #3:
Instead of installing the game via the Sierra autorun popup window, close it and run SETUP.EXE on the CD-ROM from Windows Explorer.


King's Quest Mask of Eternity & XP

Sierra's King's Quest Mask of Eternity Runs on Windows 2000 / XP, but you might have trouble with the game hanging at certain points in the game, such as the scene with the henchman coming out of the windmill in Daventry. It is generally recommended that you apply the "MOE13FG.EXE" [991 kb] patch on a clean install of the game. If you want to keep your old save games, move the SAVE sub-folder from within your MASK folder elsewhere for safe keeping before proceeding. To do a clean install of Mask of Eternity:

  1. Uninstall the game using the Sierra Utilities (Start--> All Programs--> SIERRA--> Sierra Utilities)

  2. Delete the MASK folder (typically C:\SIERRA\MASK)

  3. Reinstall the game. If you receive the error that one or more files will not be verified, something was still in the MASK folder. Delete it and reinstall.

  4. Apply the "MOE13FG.EXE" patch to the game BEFORE restarting MoE

  5. Move the SAVE folder back in the MASK folder

This will not necessarily fix the problem, so check it by restoring to the point of the hang to see if it is fixed. If not, you can try these other things:

  • Set the game to run in Compatibility mode for Windows 95 or 98. Some players have had success with setting Compatibility mode for Windows NT4

  • Apply the MS Visual Basic 6 Runtime update [1 Mb] to your system, XP does not need it (though it will not hurt XP.)

  • Defragment your hard disk (right click on the drive in "My Computer" and choose "Properties" and click the "Tools" tab at the top) though newer, larger drives do not need it as much as older, smaller drives do.

  • Free up some system resources by turning off other running programs like anti-virus, screen savers, any instant messengers (AIM, ICU, MSN Messenger) etc. You can turn off running programs with the "Task Manager" by pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL and END TASK on all programs. You may need to end some running Processes as well.

If after trying all of the suggestions and nothing seems to help, the problem might be from playing this game from third person perspective, which can hang when encountering the henchman in Daventry. To get around this, just change your camera view to first person perspective (press F2) before you leave the windmill with the ax to face the henchman. If you prefer to play in third person, you can change back after you face the henchman.

As a last resort, you can download a save game from just past the point of the Lockup.


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