Lords of Magic Special Edition Cheat

Start as gods
The player must start creating a game with a custom champion, save the champion before starting the game and then Alt + Tab back to Windows. Open a hex editor and browse for the saved champions file which will be in the "custldr" directory under the lomse install directory. Find the byte 00000320 and type the hex 6A01 8000. This will give that custom champion over 800,000 points to spend building the starting party so that all of your starting parties' units can be gods. After the edit save the file Alt Tab back to the game and load the custom leader to see the change.

Play as Big Daddy:
Triangle + Square + R2 + X + Triangle + R2.

Play as a Helicopter:
L1 + Triangle + R2 + Triangle + Triangle + R1.

Play as a Alien Saucer:
R1 + Square + X + Square + L2 + Circle.

Play as Goliath:
Triangle + L1 + R1 + X + L2 + L2 + Square + Square + Circle + Circle + Triangle + Triangle.

Never-ending Turbo: [ Submitted by:Dean]
Square, X, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2.

During gameplay, press Ctrl + C and type in the following cheat codes:

go far - Extra Movement

zilla - Free Dragon

all spells - All Spells

bingo - 200 Gold 200 Ale and 200 Crystals


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