Quest for Glory III Cheats

Right Arrow Key Cheat - (practically unlimited skill points):

  1. Create or Import a Character
  2. At Point Allocation Screen Put all but 4 points into a skill you possess
  3. Put the remaining four points into a skill at 0 with the right arrow key
  4. Remove the 4 points to earn 24 skill points
  5. By using the right arrow key, & not the mouse, the game forget the cost of a new skill.
  6. Do not increase the skill too far, i.e. beyond 300, which may result in a crash.

Invincibility Cheat:

  • Regain Stamina while in battle without getting injured by holding down the Enter key on an unused portion of the attack panel while in a fight.

To edit your character stats:
You need a hex editor with search capability and a calculator that converts decimal to hexadecimal. This works in all of the games.

  1. Look at your character sheet twice, noting your strength and inteligence. Then save the game.
  2. Open the save game file with the latest modification date in a hex editor. (The save game files are in the form of *.000, *.001, *.002 etc. In QG2, for example, the name is trialsg.)
  3. The attributes are hexadecimal numbers separated by 0's so if your strength is 200 (C8 HEX) and your inteligence is 130 (82 HEX) search for the pattern C8 00 82 00. You will find it twice. The first set is the current values of your stats and the second set is the maximum values of the status. In both cases the numbers continue something like C8 00 82 00 64 00 32 ... they map directly to the stats and skills on your character screen. Change them at will. You can do a similar technique to locate any particular stat that you want to change.


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