Quest for Glory IV Cheats

Acrobatics Cheat - Gives a character a 400 Acrobatics

  1. Create or import a character for Quest For Glory 4
  2. When assigning points, assign all 100 points to Acrobatics
  3. Instead of selecting "Start", select "Cancel"
  4. Repeat 1 - 4 until Acrobatics = 400 (Acrobatics > 400 leads to crashes)
  5. Repeat 1 and now assign the 100 point as you wish
  6. Select Start and begin play

Import Cheat - Allows a character that has finished the game to play again

  1. Complete Quest For Glory 4 and save your character
  2. Import the character you saved
  3. Enter 300 every time the game asks for a number between 100 and 300
  4. All stats will be at previous levels, except those about 300.
  5. Stats > 300 will become 300

Honor Cheat - Allows a character to obtain a 400 Honor

  1. Give a bouquet of flowers to Rusalka
  2. Give another bouquet of flowers to Rusalka
  3. The flowers will remain in your characters inventory
  4. Repeat 2 until Honor = 400

To edit your character stats:
You need a hex editor with search capability and a calculator that converts decimal to hexadecimal. This works in all of the games.

  1. Look at your character sheet twice, noting your strength and inteligence. Then save the game.
  2. Open the save game file with the latest modification date in a hex editor. (The save game files are in the form of *.000, *.001, *.002 etc. In QG2, for example, the name is trialsg.)
  3. The attributes are hexadecimal numbers separated by 0's so if your strength is 200 (C8 HEX) and your inteligence is 130 (82 HEX) search for the pattern C8 00 82 00. You will find it twice. The first set is the current values of your stats and the second set is the maximum values of the status. In both cases the numbers continue something like C8 00 82 00 64 00 32 ... they map directly to the stats and skills on your character screen. Change them at will. You can do a similar technique to locate any particular stat that you want to change.


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