Space Quest AGI Cheat

Here is how to access the debug mode in Space Quest I-II. In the newer versions of the games though, most of the debugging options won't work. While playing, press Alt+D. Two information boxes will appear. Press enter to get rid of them. Now type in the following:

GIMME GIMME (gives you all items in the game)
TP (Changes rooms)
ROOM (displays room number)
SHOW VAR (show variable)
CHANGE VAR (changes variable)

NOTE: If you use the versions that came with the SQ collection, then only the TP and SHOW VAR cheat works.

Here is how to access the debug mode in Space Quest III or any other SCI 16 color game:

Press both SHIFT keys at the same time, then while holding those keys down, press the minus (-) key on the numeric keypad. (make sure Num Lock is off) Now, a debug window should have appeared in the top right-hand corner. If you wish to exit debug, press Shift-D.

To Teleport: While your still in debug mode, press G. This will open up another window at the bottom of the screen. The variable that controls what room your in is 13, so type in 13 and press enter. You will now see a number assigned to the room you are in. Delete that number, and enter a different number.

To get an object, press I from the main window. In the next window that appears, type in Inv. This is a collection, so hit C for collection. Keep hitting ENTER until you see the object you want. Now, you'll want to change where the object is located. Hit E for edit, and type location. In the resulting window is the number of the room that the object is located in. Delete that, and type in ego.


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