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For help with running any of the Space Quest games in Windows XP, see here. If you are having trouble with a specific game in the new collections, click on its link below. . Also be sure to see the Space Quest Patches/Updates.



Space Quest & Windows XP

All of the Space Quest games run fine in XP. You might find that the text in the early AGI games is unreadable (some of the newer graphics cards might garble the text in these games.) This problem will occur on Windows 95/98/ME as well. To get around this, the AGI games might need to be run with a third party DOS emulator like DOSBox or one of the new third party AGI interpreters such as NAGI or Sarien. With NAGI you'll hear all three MIDI voices and even have limited mouse support within your AGI games.

Most of the DOS Sierra SCI games work fine when run with DOSBox or VDMSound and the latest sound drivers from Sierra. SQ VI DOS might have sound problems so you might have to use the Windows version.

Timer bugs:
Some games still have timer bugs. A fan, NewRisingSun, has developed script level timer bugs patches several of the many Sierra timer bugs. These fixes take care of some of the most exasperating bugs in Sierra gaming. Also, DOSBox can now handle most of Sierra's DOS games. By playing your game in DOSBox, you can avoid these timer problems.

You might have to add a


line to your resource.cfg file for some of the DOS Space Quest games.


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