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Softporn Adventure's original requirements:

Apple ][


The only  text-only  adventure that Sierra has released.  Released sometime during Ulysses and Time Zone, it was the precursor to Sierra's Leisure Suit Larry series, Softporn Adventure was designed in 1983 for the Apple ][ computer by Chuck Benson, a database programmer who wrote the game as a "test" of computer databases. Ken Williams saw the game and bought the rights to the game and gave the game to Al Lowe, who was then an independent programmer.

Softporn Adventure with DOSBox Installer

The Apple ][ version of Softporn Adventure should play in AppleWin with no issues.

ZIP AppleWin Emulator (Apple][) [668 KB]

The game was also ported to PC, which was included with some of the Leisure Suit Larry collections. The PC version will run easily in DOSBox.


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