Softporn Adventure Walkthrough

This is exactly what you need to type to get through the entire game:

Buy whiskey Get whiskey (W) Open desk Examine desk Get newspaper Read newspaper Get flowers Give whiskey Get control (N) Use toilet Read grafitti Look washbasin Get ring (S) (E) Push button Bellybutton (E) Look tv Tv on (Take a look at all the channels, but 6 is the one you want) No Up Get candy Down (W) (N) Hail Taxi Casino Pay driver

(E) (Your choice comes in here, if you'd like to make money playing slots, then type "Play slots" right here.  If you prefer playing blackjack, type "N", then type "Play 21".  Either way, make sure you have at least $6200 (this is the MINIMUM for this walkthrough, the $200 counts immensely), then go to the Lobby.) Up (W) Look ashtray Get passcard (E) Down Look plant Enter bushes Get stool Drop newspaper Drop control Get hammer Get mushroom Eat mushroom (Go to the street outside the bar) Hail taxi Disco Pay driver

(N) Open door (W) Buy wine Look girl Dance Give ring Give candy Give flowers Get wine (E) (S) Give wine Get knife (E) Buy rubber <any color you want> <any flavor you want> <yes or no> <yes or no> Look rack Drop wine Buy magazine Look magazine (W) Hail Taxi Bar Pay driver

(S) Push button Bellybutton (E) Up Use rubber Screw hooker Drop rubber (N) Down Look garbage Get core Look core Drop core Get seeds (W) Hail taxi Casino Pay driver

(N) Marry girl (S) (E) (E) Up (W) (S) (E) Look hole Drop magazine Get radio Listen radio (until you hear an advertisement about liquor, 555-0987) (W) (N) (E) Down (W) (W) Hail Taxi Disco Pay driver

(N) Open Door (W) (S) Call 555-0987 (N) (E) (S) Hail taxi Casino Pay driver

(E) (E) Up (W) (S) Screw girl Cut rope Drop radio Get rope (N) (E) Down (W) (W) Hail taxi Bar Pay driver

(S) Push button "Bellybutton" (E) Up (N) Use rope (W) Break window (S) Drop knife Get pills (N) (E) Down (W) Hail taxi Casino Pay driver

(E) (E) Up Give pills Push button (E) Look sink Drop stool Climb stool Look cabinet Get pitcher Water on Fill pitcher Water off (W) Push button Down Enter bushes Drop seeds Water seeds Look tree Get apple Eat mushroom (Go to the street outside the bar) Hail taxi Casino Pay Driver (E) (E) Up Push button Up Open closet Look closet Get doll Inflate doll Drop doll Screw doll (N) Down Look girl Give apple Screw girl.



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