Rise of the Dragon Tips

Firstly, go to the City Hall, buy some roses and take them to Karen, where you receive your cupboard keys. Use these back at home to get several necessary objects.

Always take your ID card with you wherever you go.

To enter the Pleasure Dome, simply leave your weapon at home.

"The Jake" is the person at the end of the bar. Show him the photo of the Mayor's daughter from the fax machine.

At Chen's place you will have to be quick; don't worry about the bathroom, watch the vid messages, and go to the bedroom where you touch the dragon's eye and blow up the hidden safe. Take the parchment to the old man who is in an alley to the right of city hall.

Go back to The Jake later in the game to set up a meeting with him.

Climb down into the sewer, blow up the padlock, and use the wire testers to tap the vidphone. Refer to the schematic diagram on the door.

You can get into DH's either with Snake's ID card or via the helicraft found later at the reservoir. Tell the girl you recognise her to get access to the security room. Here open all locks except the break room, then push the security system off lever down. You won't be able to do this and will be prompted for a color code. Use the fortune cookie from the old man here, and then shut the laser gate off. Then switch the security system on again. Now, rush upstairs.

Go to the Janitor's closet, take the screwdriver and open both panels. Turn the wires off using the switch and use the screwdriver on the components. Take some wires.

When you're in the room with Karen, use the wires on her (when on the main picture). Now closeup to her and undo the wires.

A handy hint: Simply kill yourself immediately in the arcade sequences five times and you can bypass them!

Red herrings: First Aid Kit, Old Book, Rock of Life, Napent, Armoury, Mayor's office.


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