Gabriel Knight II Spanish Subtitle Patch

The Gabriel Knight II Spanish Subtitle Patch is Is a project that was originally developed by kelmer in 2003 based on the Portuguese version. In 2009, Lobo.rojo and Beleg redid the translation to correct and improve it. It has been packaged it with one of my installers to ease the application of the patch.


EXE Gabriel Knight II Spanish Subtitle Patch (EXE file) [10.2 MB]


  • Original translation by kelmer (2003)

  • Update (2009):
    • Removed duplicate files (lobo.rojo)
    • Modified images containing important text to include the translation into Castilian
    • Translated the menu keys (Beleg)
    • New installer allows full hard drive installation (no disc swapping) and automatically sets it up it in dosbox to address incompatibility issues on modern Windows (collector, webmaster of

  • New (2012):
    • The Klingmann cassette puzzle: A new translation to address the problem of the order of hotspots cannot be changed (solution is based on the Portuguese version). NOTE: The translation is not completely fluid as it had to be made to fit the original puzzle since the order of the hotspots in the puzzle could not be changed, but at least makes sense in Spanish. You can find the solution in the NOTICE file (lobo.rojo

Enjoy this classic adventure games, now easier to play than ever.



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