Display Utilities

Common problems encountered when trying to run old games on newer systems are display problems. VESA 2 is not accessible in the NTVDM. Older 3-D games used software (like GLIDE) or hardware (such as add-in 3-D accelerator cards) that is not available to today's computers. Here are some tools that may help.

  • Glide Wrappers - Emulate the 3DFX Voodoo cards' native Glide2 and Glide3 APIs
  • MultiRes - A small 32-bit utility that works very much like the venerable Microsoft QuickRes 16-bit applet for Windows 95,
  • NOLFB - A VESA 2.0 patch
  • SciTech UniVBE - The Universal VESA BIOS Extension.


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