Free Scitech Display Doctor (VESA)

From the Scitech Display Doctor v6.7 for DOS Readme:

About SciTech UniVBE

This archive contains a DOS only installation of SciTech UniVBE, and may not function properly under Windows. Please note that we no longer support this DOS UniVBE 16-bit TSR driver. It is merely provided as a convenience to our customers. We now support the SciTech SNAP drivers for 32-bit DOS applications.

SciTech UniVBE is a suite of utilities that fix the most common problems associated with Super VGA (SVGA) graphics cards. SciTech UniVBE updates your graphics card to the latest VBE standards so you can be sure programs will work correctly and will run as fast as possible on your system. Many popular games like The 11th Hour, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D rely on the latest VESA graphics standards in order to obtain the highest performance possible.

Supported Graphics Chips

This is a complete list of the various graphics cards that SciTech UniVBE supports in the legacy 16-bit UniVBE TSR. Please note that the 16-bit UniVBE TSR is considered a legacy product and is not being actively enhanced. If you are developing custom DOS applications, please consider upgrading to our SciTech SNAP device drivers instead of using the VESA VBE interface.

Please also note that this list refers to the actual chips being used, not a board-level implementation. Thus you will not see any products from Hercules or Orchid on the list, but their products are supported because they use S3, Cirrus, Tseng, etc. chips. Also, any card with less than 512KB of memory cannot be supported in SciTech UniVBE.


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